The Ubuntu Chronicles: Amber’s Adventures in the Community :)

Part 36

Where’s the Jackalope?

I got the word yesterday, 4-16-09, that the Release Candidate, RC for short, of Jaunty Jackalope, Ubuntu 9.04 was complete. I noticed my notifier was bright orange about the time the word came across the IRC channels. I downloaded the latest updates and prepared to reboot my computer. 🙂

I then rebooted and was surprised when Jaunty came back up there was *no* Jackalope. I had been asking pgraner for over a week, “What’s the Jackalope going to look like?” He would always reply with “I don’t know”. When a Jackalope didn’t show up I asked him, “Are you sure I have all the updates?” He said, “Yes.” Then he asked, “Why are you bothering me?”. I then put my computer in his face and said, “If I have all the updates, then where is the Jackalope?” He told me, “I am not the desktop guy(s), go ask them.”

I went to the ubuntu-us-nc channel, to ask one of the Canonical guys who works on both the desktop and desktop experience team where was the Jackalope and was told he didn’t think there was going to be one. I sighed heavily. I asked in the channel why wasn’t there going to be one and who made those decisions? He wasn’t sure. So I went to Ubuntu-devel to ask.

I asked in the ubuntu-devel channel where was the Jackalope? I was asked, “why did you expected a Jackalope to show up?” I answered, “there was a Heron and an Ibex so why wouldn’t I expect a Jackalope?” I said, “I just expected the last *pop* would be that a Jackalope would show up once I rebooted after the final updates and I was just disappointed. That’s all.” I also asked, “Did I miss an announcement or discussion on this subject of dropping the animal from the desktop wallpaper.” Nope I did not miss anything. There was no public discussion.

However, I felt like I did when the notifier didn’t show back up, well the orange one that just popped up when there were updates. I was disappointed. However, just like Maco passed along the command to get the notifier back RobbieW, was kind enough to point me to a great website. and I got my Jackalope after all.

Just like I wish I had known about the notifier, I wish I had known about the Jackalope or lack there of, I was just disappointed. 🙁

I know it seems like a small thing considering all the pieces of the puzzle called Ubuntu that go together, but it was part of the Ubuntu puzzle I enjoyed: The graphical presentation of the animal theme.

Any who….:) Have a great day! More later 🙂


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