UDS/Linaro Connect Interviews

It’s that time again and with UDS/Linaro Connect just a week a way, I’ve started prepping for the various video interviews.  The list of interviewees for this UDS is longer than most and I am keen to get as many of these interviews done as possible.

I want to know what you, the community want me to ask people about at UDS.  What questions do you have about Ubuntu 12.04, what questions do you have for the Ubuntu developers, Ubuntu Community Contributors, Canonical Mangers and Executive staff.

I’ll also be interviewing the Linaro Executive staff as well, so what questions do you have about Linaro, ARM, how Linaro works, who partners with with them, how do you become a partner, how can you participate.  Who makes up the Linaro community?  What are the long term goals of Linaro – anything like that you want to know.

Just email me: akgraner AT ubuntu DOT com – please include UDS QUESTIONS in the subject line.  If you DON’T want attribution for the questions then please let me know that as well.   Thanks again and send me the questions you want to get the answers too.

Thanks in advance!


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