UDS Day 1: Exciting, Busy Always Inspiring

Monday kicked off with the Ubuntu Community Manager, Jono Bacon, welcoming everyone new to UDS and going over how this amazing event works.  This is also the time he discusses “Staying Healthy” at UDS.  This particular area of his welcome talk has jokingly and affectionately been referred to as the “Eat your vegetable” talk.

While Jono’s talks are always enjoyable the real excitement came from Mark Shuttleworth’s keynote as he talked about looking to the future of Ubuntu beyond the 12.04 LTS to 14.04 LTS and beyond.  Later on Monday he blogged about that vision: Ubuntu on phones, tablets, TV’s and smart screens everywhere

After Mark was an informative overview of Linaro (Linux on ARM). Linaro Connect Q4.11 is being held in conjunction with UDS.  If you are interested in some of these sessions then there will be videos available from the Linaro Connect Sessions as well.

Personally, I am excited about Ubuntu *everywhere* and I can’t wait to participate and help where I can in making this vision come into clear focus.  (Guess what you can too!).  I think the Ubuntu community everywhere now anyway, but I see through a narrow lens at time, just think if Ubuntu is everywhere and across all these platforms then there will really be a component of Ubuntu Community will be everywhere; after all you don’t get Ubuntu without the community. Beautiful isn’t it!

The rest of the day 1 (for me at least) included the following sessions:

  • Community Roundtable
  • Better Recognizing Community Contributions
  • Linaro Educational Outreach
  • Plenaries: Cloud Foundry, Collaboration Between Debian and Ubuntu: An update, Cloudfoundry Server deployments using juju
  • Ubuntu Women UDS-P Goals
  • Ubuntu LoCo Council Items for the Precise cycle
  • Meet and Greet Social Event
  • Rehearsal for All-Stars

So Day One was very informative and action item generating for me. A really cool side note was the fact  I even closed my computer a couple hours earlier than I normally do. Um, WOW!


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