The Ubuntu Chronicles: Amber’s Adventures in the Community :)

Part 41


I just added the gmail notifer see post 40. Thanks to some tweaking I think it’s finally a finished post. (Thanks again everyone)

I mentioned in earlier posts that I was adding the new indicator applet back to my panel on the desktop, and how didn’t know if I really was going to see the added benefit from using it.

Well, I stuck it (the new indicator applet) back up and thought, “OK I’ll see if this is for my own good or what.” I don’t know how all this works or why I should use something. I only know if the fit is right for me. Well now that I have the gmail notifier, it fits. 🙂

It’s kinda nice having gwibber, pidgin, and gmail all under one icon. (Ok Ken VanDine you win!! 🙂 I’ll keep it, but can you make look like a Koala for Karmic? It is my birthday! You know I am kidding right. 😉 )

I am so glad there is a great community of users who are happy to help and teach me and others. I am still cutting my teeth and toughing my skin, but I am learning!

Life is good.

Even though I can’t type as much as I want to because I just found out that what they (the orthopedists) thought was a Rotator Cuff issue is really an impinged (pinched) ulnar nerve. So I have to go on Monday for a bi-lateral nerve study. Then on Friday I go back to the orthopedists to determine the next course of action. (surgery I think – UGH!). Have any of you had the surgery to release the ulnar nerve at the elbow? Can you let me know what I am looking at from a person’s view point and not the Dr.’s. Also, I was told that a nerve study is not the most comfortable thing in the world. Any thoughts?

Oh yes, there was one other thing – I wanted to add the twitter gadget to my blog like I have seen on a ton of other sites where my last x number of tweets will show up. I looked on the list for Blogspot and I am not sure which on I need. Help? 🙂

Well more later, gotta’ a few things to finish up today… Thanks!! Again, I can’t wait to hear from you all. Have a great Day!!!


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