UDS Day 2: Drinking from the Fire Hose

Day 2 seems like it past at lightning speed! It’s like “drinking from a fire hose”  and it’s information overload in that good way. That way that makes me look at the developers and other contributors and just smile in amazement. It also makes me want to be a better community contributor to Ubuntu. It’s all very inspiring.

Day Two Sessions for me included:

  • Community Roundtable
  • Leveraging Community Contribution to Unity
  • Improve Community Kernel SRU Testing
  • Interviews for Ubuntu Developers Channel
  • Restructuring the Linaro website(s)
  • Ubuntu Leadership Summit
  • Ubuntu Women Dinner
I thought it was important that I look at other areas besides the community track to see where I can participate.  If I don’t know what is out there I can’t tell other people where to participate or what areas of the community need help.

Over the next cycle there will be more information on how you can help test Unity, Kernel SRU testing, and more. Testing is an area anyone can help with at any level.  Have you ever wanted to help test various pieces and parts of the Ubuntu?Then let’s find out how and where you can help.

I am looking forward to helping in a couple of new areas in this 12.04 LTS cycle, hopefully I’ll see you in those areas as well.

Day 2 was encouraging, educational, enlightening!


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