MAAS, Juju, AWSOME – Making the Complicated; Simple!

Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple.

— Woody Guthrie

Interview Ubuntu Server and Community Team Members about MAAS and more

I had the opportunity interview Dave Walker, Jorge Castro, Francis Locaste, and Matt Revell about all things Ubuntu Server and Cloud (ok maybe not *all* things, but some really cool stuff); especially MAAS or “Metal As A Service”, AWSOME or “Any Web Service Over Me”, juju and more via Google+Hangouts on Air. You can check out the video here.

It was a fun hour, for me anyway, complete with a MAAS demo, explanations, how to get involved, and where to send your feedback on these topics.

Plus you get to catch a glimpse of the personalities behind MAAS, juju and AWSOME as well as what they personally like about what they are doing, and what the future of these projects look like. It’s AWESOME (pun intended!)

In this interview you’ll find out all that and more.

Below are the links and topics discussed, however if you want to see the MAAS demo, and see what Dave, Jorge, Francis, and Matt had to say then the video is a must see.

MAAS – Metal as a Service

Mark Shuttleworth’s Blog Post on MAAS –

MAAS Wiki –

MAAS Launchpad Project –

MAAS Launchpad Team –

Jorge Castro’s Blog Post on MAAS –

MAAS Mailing List –

MAAS announcement on Canonical site –…


Juju Wiki –

Project Site (Launchpad) –

Charms –

Mailing List –

IRC (freenode) – #juju

AWSOME – Any Web Service over Me

Awesome Stacking –

Launchpad –

Ubuntu Server and Cloud Information

Website –

Wiki Page –

Mailing Lists –,,

IRC (freenode) – #ubuntu-cloud and #ubuntu-server

Launchpad – and


2 Responses to “MAAS, Juju, AWSOME – Making the Complicated; Simple!

  • There’s already an Awesome open source project [0].
    We had several of similar situations like that already, Firebird probably being the best known one.
    Is it really that difficult to think of another name?


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