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So I am sitting here in the Denver Airport with some free time between flights on my way to the Community Leadership Summit to be held this weekend prior to OSCON next week in San Jose, California. I thought it was time for another post since it seems to have been so long since the last one.

The community that surrounds the Ubuntu Project is Awesome! 🙂

Since February ’09 I’ve been running Ubuntu on my Dell and loving it. I am still using my Dell, but in a matter of about 3 days I burned in two batteries some how, but that is another story. So for this trip I had to bring the mac air which dual boots both OSX and Karmic, but I am digressing.

During the time since I started this Journey I have been using Ubuntu I have been trying to contribute and help out when and where I could.

I have been watching folks become Ubuntu members and I thought it was the coolest thing. I love congratulating folks on their achievements and I learn so much from them. So I finally decided that I would create my own wiki and seek membership. I figured if there was something I was missing or something else I needed to do then the membership board and those I asked for advice would tell me what I needed and I would go through the election process and get a feel for what it is like. At the very least I would learn something new and best I would get membership, in my opinion either way it would be a win.

So I read the membership wiki, created my own wiki, asked a few people to review it for content and format, then asked people for testimonials. Once my page was complete I added myself to the agenda for the membership board meeting.

During the meeting the membership board members asked some questions about my activities, and what my thoughts were on future involvement, and how I was going to do a few things and what areas other than community was I interested in. (it felt like I was going before a promotion board in the Army. 🙂 )

I must say the process felt a bit foreign and strange to me. It felt weird summing up my involvement and the asking people to write a little about me. It felt like I was on a campaign trail – knowing that I was going to be voted upon. No the less it was really exciting at the same time. It was fun so I just went with it. 🙂

I am happy, humbled, and thrilled and just tickled that I am now an Ubuntu Member. 🙂 Woo Hoo!!!

I was overwhelmed by the number of people who congratulated me, wished me luck, spoke on my behalf at the meeting, and those whose kind words and encouragement just reinforced what a great community the Ubuntu Community really is. Like I said before when you use Ubuntu you get more than on Operating System you get a community that is priceless. Thank You all again so very much!!!

I hope my contributions continue to grow and that I continue to learn something from all those I encounter whether in the Ubuntu Community, the greater F/LOSS Community or just life in general. If I am careful I can learn something new everyday!

Now I just have to figure out how to add my Blog to Planet Ubuntu. 🙂 I can’t wait!!

Hope you are still enjoying.. hey if you haven’t sought membership and you want to..what are you waiting for. All the links are in the post to get you started. Good Luck and you can do it too…:-)


ps. Congrats to Sconklin, Pak33m, Q-Funk and … who also became Ubuntu Members during the meeting on the 15th as well..


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