Linaro Android Mini-Summit Schedule Announced

If you are going to be attending Linaro Connect (LCE12) in Copenhagen and Android is a topic that interests you then here is your chance to participate in the Linaro Android Mini-Summit which will take place on Wednesday, October 31st, 2012.

Mini-Summit sessions include:

Optimization: Android Benchmarking and Optimization Opportunities
Vishal Bhoj
  • Optimization: Android Benchmarking and Optimization Opportunities – Vishal Bhoj
  • Optimization: Android Dalvik and V8 JIT Improvements – Michael Hope
  • Optimization: Android Power Improvements – Amit Kucheria
  • Unification: Android Kernel Upstreaming: Graphics – Jesse Barker
  • Unification: Android Kernel Upstreaming – Deepak Saxena
  • Unification: Embedded Android – Karim Yaghmour
  • The Last Mile: Android Productization Challenges at ST-Ericsson – ST-Ericsson Android Engineers
  • The Last Mile: Upstream to productization, productization to upstream – Zach Pfeffer

More information about Linaro, Linaro Connect and the Linaro Android Mini-Summit can be found on the Linaro Blog.


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