ARM & Linaro – big.LITTLE FAQ on Google+ Hangouts on Air

Just a quick reminder…

There will be an ARM & Linaro – big.LITTLE FAQ on Google+ Hangouts on Air starting at 10:00am EDT.

Here’s what ARM posted about the event on its Google+ Events page:

Have questions on ARM’s big.LITTLE processing technology? Well get up early and stay late tomorrow to watch ARM’s big.LITTLE Prodcut Manager, Brian Jeff and Linaro’s CTO, David Rusling discuss live the most frequently asked questions on big.LITTLE on ARM’s Google+ Hangout on Air (also broadcast on ARMflix YouTube channel).

Below are some of the questions you can expect to find answers to:
1. Should user level code be changed to take advantage of big.LITTLE?
2. When will Google support big.LITTLE?
3. What software needs to be written by silicon partners or ODMs to run big.LITTLE on a platform?
4. Why didn’t ARM share a single L2 cache between the big and LITTLE clusters to save area?
5. Can the individual cores by scaled for frequency and voltage?

So join in the fun today at 10am EDT.  To watch the live stream you can go to the ARM onAir Google+ Page or view it from the ARMflix YouTube Channel.


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