What a busy day!

So the kids and I hopped in the car and headed to the meet-n-greet in Charlotte, NC. It was great to show up and see 5 people already there note books on the table and ubuntu and open source conversation flowing. In total there were 8 folks (including myself and the kids) meeting and greeting under the common theme of Ubuntu. AWESOME!!

I thought it was well worth the 2 hour drive to meet more local community folks from the Tar Heel State.:-)

Thanks Jim for organizing the meeting and thanks to (let’s see if I can get this right), Brian, Dennis (darn it I really should have written their names down, sorry guys 🙁 ) and the other two folks whose name I can’t remember for showing up. I thought it was great to talk about Open Source and ubuntu in general. woo hoo! When is the next meeting??

Then I drove home, walked in the door, and sat back down to hop on a call with the other folks organizing the Atlanta Linux Fest. Looks like things are falling into place. There are a few last minute things we need to take care to include a walk-through on the 15th of August.

We discussed the mini ubucon and I think we are going to rock the unconference mojo and see what people want to talk about. I am hoping a few people will give a couple of talks I would like to hear and participate in such as “Karmic’s Karma: What is new and exciting with this release”, I’d also like to have someone (Cough Cough Jorge) give the “Burnout talk” that Jono did a while back. But heck that is just me. I’d also like something like “Bringin’ Bling to the Desktop: how to customize your desktop.” Ok so maybe I am just tired and a little punchy but I think you can see the things I am interested in. Please feel free to add your own topics to the list of things to be discussed and lets see what all we can get too. 🙂 We have such an awesome community with a combine wealth of information that is really priceless. Let’s come together and see what we can get done.

Anyway now it’s off to relax, watch a movie with the kids and get ready to drive to Raleigh and back tomorrow. I am a taxi service for my kids. I don’t remember reading that in the job description 14 years ago but I am sure it was there somewhere. Well that’s all for now. Catch everyone again tomorrow. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel..:-) (well maybe not, but it sounded good).

So think about heading to Atlanta in September! Woo Hoo!


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