The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web by Tamar Weinberg

While at the Community Leadership Summit I had a chance to snag one of the give-away-books that O’Reilly sent. It’s called The New Community Rules: Marketing On The Social Web by Tamar Weinberg

According to the cover it is supposed to help with

*blogging and microblogging

*art of conversation marketing

*video and podcast marketing

*Learn about what others have tried

Those are just the highlights, gleaned from the back of the book..:-)

I am no expert on marketing (though I was in hotel Sales and Marketing for a few years) much less marketing on the “social web”. I saw this and it sounded like a great fit since I enjoying helping with events. I am always trying to learn how to use tools more effectively and the web is a great tool! I wanted to see if there was some suggestions in there that the LoCo team could benefit from. Can’t wait to get through a few chapters and see what I learn.

Here’s a few links to the book so you can see what else is being said about it.

More later… 🙂


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