Atlanta Linux Fest

I drove down to Atlanta yesterday (3.5 hours) to meet with Nick, Josh, and Jim in finalizing the last minute details of the fest and those things that make a fest have some magic to them. It was a very productive meeting and I had a great time discussing it all in person instead of over IRC or conference calls.

IRC and conference calls work but when you put folks together face to face personalities shine, people are more relaxed and ideas seem to come together at a much faster rate. (I am such a people person) I don’t mind driving to things when it’s a great event like the Atlanta Linux Fest and when I get to work with great people like the folks working on the Atlanta Linux Fest. Just makes it all worth while. 🙂

Now I can’t wait to meet some of the speakers for the 1st time and others say “hi” to others again. It’s a great line up. Take a look at the site more speaker bio’s being added and some more abstracts of the talks going up.

We also discussed things like UbuCon space and topics (dang I need to add these to the wiki too 🙂 ) such as

* – will Karmic run on your computer stop by and find out (courtesy of the Canonical Kernel team)

* – Burnout (based on Jono Bacon’s talk)

* – What makes a good Leader/Manager

* – How to triage bugs

* – What’s new in Karmic

* – Cool desktop features

plus wondering what other topics people would add to the list when they get there. The ubucon will be run like an unconference and very much like BoF sessions. with the exception of the will Karmic Run on your computer. They will have an area all day for people to pop in and see. The idea is you will bring your computer to the tables and get it tested on the spot. I think that is going to be pretty cool.

Oh and the other thing. How to write drivers going to be a hands on 2 hour session about writing a driver. 🙂 More about that in another post I’ll give you the details on that tomorrow.

Can you tell I am very excited about the Atlanta Linux Fest. I love these events. I get a chance to learn so much from all you who have been doing this a while and I love the fact that people don’t mind sharing their experiences and skills and making the F/OSS community shine. Personalities Powering the Projects – Awesome Stuff! Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together, I do!

Again, What are you waiting for register today, make your reservations and join in on all the fun.


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