Back to School Time Again, The House and Grandma

School starts here on the 25th. Where did the summer go?

We have orientation this week and I was thinking the kids are going to make friends this year, get to go all the way through High School with those same friends. No more moving.

I was also thinking some of their teachers are people I went to school with and some of the teachers are the same teachers I had in Middle and High School. Just like when I was in school here I had some of the same teachers my parents had. I think that is just too cool.

The kids can now have some roots in a community. They can become part of the community here for the long term. They can see the changes that happen and be part of the seasons that happen in a community. I can’t wait to encourage them to be a part of the events that happen around here. Heck I can’t wait to be part of them myself.

We are getting more and more work done on the house and every day it feels more and more like our home. This house is so special to me. It was my grandparents home. My grandparents taught me a lot here. Lessons I will never forget. My grandma was a quilter and she taught me how to quilt. One of the things she told me was “when you get mad at your husband, just go a quilt until the anger passes then go and talk to him about what ever it was that made you angry in the first place.” I asked her, “Grandma did you get mad at grandpa a lot? You sure made a lot of quilts.” She just smiled and kept on quilting.

Well I need to get back to organizing stuff, seeing what else the kids need for school and finish repacking all the material and quilting stuff. I have a full day planned and I can’t wait to tell the kids just a little bit more about their great grandparents today. Life is made all the sweeter by the memories of home that I get to pass along to my kids. Life is good!


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