Atlanta Linux Fest, Driver Writing Session, and Wiki’s

I was going to Blog about the driver writing session at the Atlanta Linux Fest. but Pete wrote about it on his blog. 🙂 Take a look at it and see if it is something you might enjoy participating in. If so hope to see you in Atlanta.

We had our weekly planning meeting yesterday about the Atlanta Linux Fest and the UbuCon and things are coming together nicely. We are really excited! Come join in the fun and register today 🙂

Anyone wanna pop into the UbuCon and give a session on Wiki Markups. ARRRRR!!! I can’t be the only one that could use a hand with some tips and tricks surrounding wiki’s. 🙂 I edit and create new ones for our LoCo team and I think more people would get involved with wiki’s if they felt confident about what they were doing. Sure everyone can figure it out.

I was worried I was going to screw a page up or something and because the whole world can see what you do well or what you screw up it was a bit intimidating to say the least. This is one thing I did ask Pete about, but not everyone has someone they can sit down at a computer and walk through some basics with. He said two things that made me relax and not worry about it. “Amber there is a preview button, and delete.” 🙂 Ok I was feeling a little better.

So wiki people’s where are you, head over to the UbuCon and dole out some wiki tips to make life easier. 🙂

Gotta go enjoy the day before school starts. 🙂 More later. 🙂


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