Ubuntu Global Jam, Atlanta Linux Fest and NC LoCo Team Meet-n-Greet

Yesterday was the Ubuntu NC LoCo team meet-n-greet in Asheville, NC at the FireStorm Cafe and Books. What an AWESOME turnout! Once there all the people stayed until 2pm the scheduled time for the meeting to end.

The event started at 11am. When I got there Holstein was already there and deep in conversation (Thanks Again Holstein for running with planning the meet and greet). He was there with one of the owners of the coffee shop and a young man who introduced himself as “I’m a Debian guy here to spy.” 🙂

Also, there was JFo, and both of my kids (complete with their “not now honey, mommy is ubuntu’ing comedy routine :-/ sigh). Then a few minutes later a fellow orders a coffee and comes over to the table and the conversations really gets going as we begin to talk about what interests each person has and what areas of the Ubuntu project and Open Source as a whole interest them.

Then a couple other owners of the coffee shop join in. The a couple from Atlanta joined in on the fun. Pretty soon and other couple showed up and joined in on the fun. The women were the F/OSS and Ubuntu Users and the ones that maintained the computers and the technical aspects of their homes. (:-) I thought that was awesome.) Great perspective and conversation. Then I looked up and the coffee shop was packed and there was only standing room in our area. SWEET!

So we decided that the WNCLUG needed to start meeting again as well as adopting some projects for the NC Ubuntu team to do. Holstein volunteered to set a day and time to come by he coffee shop and offer help and support to people who wanted to.

There is also a great Ubuntu success story in the making here. The Coffee shop’s computers for public use all run Ubuntu and the Point of Sale system is Ubuntu as well. The Coffee shop is worker owned. They serve a variety of coffee’s, tea’s, some great Cream Soda as well as cookies, brownies, scones, sandwiches and more. It’s a very eclectic group of really great folks there in Asheville. The book selection are things the staff likes and picks out. There are self published books (a lot of them). There are great postcards and posters that decorate the area. It’s just a really cool place. With some really nice people and Ubuntu enthusiasts helping spread the Ubuntu Spirit one cup of coffee at a time. 🙂

They invited the LoCo team to create a kiosk with various pressed cd’s, some fliers, Ubuntu Books, and banners, etc. That should fun setting that up. We get to be creative. 🙂

We are definitely going to have some more meetings there. As well as some tutorial sessions on various applications and on Ubuntu as a whole. (I can’t wait). Once the LUG stuff is schedules some talks on F/OSS as a whole will begin to kick off. I’ll have to make sure I post the schedule of events so if anyone is heading to the Asheville, NC area then you can join in on the conversation and camaraderie.

We also discussed the Atlanta Linux Fest and looks like we picked up some more attendees out of the meeting. The two folks from Atlanta could have gone to Dragon*Con but, wow, they came to the meet and greet. How cool is that!?

Also discussed was Ubuntu Global Jam and that we had space at the 1927 Lake Lure Inn and Spa on October 3rd, 2009. We have a venue and date now we just have to build the content. Several people said, “hey I’ll be there just tell me what you want me to do”.

We also discussed how EVERYONE can participate in the Ubuntu project and F/OSS as a whole. There were so many great ideas and discussions. I am sure I have left someone off the list above, but thanks you all who attended. For those who wanted to be there and we unable we missed you and hopefully you can attended the next meeting and the events listed above.

Thanks again everyone, and hope to see you in Atlanta and Lake Lure.. 🙂


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