Ubuntu Open Week – Summary Day 4, Outlook Day 5


As Ubuntu Open Week is wrapping up and with only one day left, there is already evidence throughout the community of people applying there new found, or improved knowledge and skills. Whether it is people working on wiki’s for the next membership meetings, LoCo teams becoming energized as renewed excitement and enthusiasm spreads throughout each team. Or maybe it’s just that more people are now aware of some new point of entry of project that they can share with others when explaining here are some things anyone can help with and more.

Let’s see what was covered on Day 4 and if you missed how you can get the information –

To kick the day off MOTU’s, Daniel Holbach and James Westby, gave a 2 back to back sessions on Getting Started in Ubuntu Development followed by How to fix bugs in Ubuntu. In the first session Daniel and James discussed getting your development environment set up so development can begin and some best practices surrounding that. In the follow on session they dive into real life activity and they even fix a few bugs. New to development or want to get started on it – these sessions are for you.

Kurt von Finck and Jussi Schultink both Members of the Ubuntu IRC Ops Team, lead a session on Basics of and Behavior in Ubuntu IRC channels. The session was divided into 2 parts 3 parts if you count questions. Jussi discussed what IRC is and how it works and some tips for those who are new to IRC. Kurt then discussed how the Ubuntu channels operate and netiquette in those channels and where to go for help if you need it. Then they both tackled the questions. New to IRC or or maybe you just need to know where to get more information on Ubuntu IRC channels. This session is perfect for you.

Dustin Kirland, of the Canonical Server team the jumped in to talk about the KVM and Virt-Manager in his session. In his session Dustin discusses, Virtualization in Ubuntu specifically, using something called KVM. Dustin explains what this is, and how to make sure your CPU supports Virtualization Technology. This technology seems one of the hot topics right now to find out more about it and it’s implementation take a look at these logs.

Following Dustin was St├ęphane Graber (LTSP developer and Ubuntu liaison with Revolution Linux) with Welcome to the new Edubuntu. In this session St├ęphane discusses what Edubuntu is, it’s history. He also discusses the short, middle, and long term goals of the project. If Education for Children of all ages preschool to university, interests you and you like the idea of pairing that with Ubuntu check out these logs.

Wrapping up Day 4 was Elizabeth Krumbach, Ubuntu Community Council Member and Debian and Ubuntu systems maintainer with a Philadelphia based company and Mackenzie Morgan, Ubuntu Member, and Test Engineer for a Virgina based Consulting Firm. Elizabeth and Mackenzie presented back to back sessions on Women in Open Source. Elizabeth in her Women In Open Source – Issues session identified those issues. Mackenzie in her Women In Open Source – Encouragement session discussed the encouragement and inclusion part of the involvement process. If you want to know how to be more inclusive, by getting not only women but more people in general involved, or you want to understand the issues better take a look at these sessions.

What’s on the horizon for day 5, for Ubuntu Open Week – well let’s take a look:

On Tap for Day 5, Friday, 6 Nov, is the following lineup.
Remember all session Times are in UTC.
UTC Conversion Chart

1500 – Xubuntu – Lots of Kittens and Mice – knome and charlie-tca

1600 – How to run Ubuntu+1 – Jorge Castro

1700 – Ask Mark – sabdfl

1800 – Kernel QA – The Life Cycle of a Kernel Bug – Leann Ogasawara

1900 – Resolving Bug One – BethLynn Eicher

2000 – Introduction to the Ubuntu Documentation Project – Matthew East

2100 – Introducing the Telepathy Stack – Ken Vandine

2200 – Feedback and Ideas for next time – Jorge Castro

If you want to know more about the session leaders check out the booklet. Do you want to see the line up for Friday, or maybe just some more information about Ubuntu Open Week then check out the wiki. Hope you see you all in the IRC channels on Freenode where Ubuntu Open Week is taking place: #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat. What are you waiting for 1 more days of Open Week left, don’t miss out on all the great sessions, all the fun starts 1500 UTC – plan to be there! :-D!

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