Ubuntu Women Leadership Nominees – Call for Testimoninals

Just wanted to take a moment and remind folks of the Ubuntu Women Leadership Appointment process and the milestones we are now approaching in this process.

– The Open Call For Nominations opened on 10 Dec 2009, but nominations close today, 23 Dec, 2009. (If you haven’t added yourself then today is the last day today so)

– Though some folks have already started adding Testimonials for the nominees and that is GREAT the deadline for all testimonials is 8 Jan, 2010. These testimonials are for the Community Council to help make their decision. The testimonials will paint a picture that the person wikis and launchpad don’t, they round out the picture of the person and show the support of the community. This is not only important in this Ubuntu Women leadership process but anytime you are asked to give a testimonial for others. 8 Jan, 2010, is when the Community Council will start reviewing the wiki’s and consider who they will appoint for the position of Ubuntu Women Leader.

– Here is the really exciting date, 15 Jan, 2010, this is when the Community Council will have their decision made and issued to the Ubuntu Women Team and the Ubuntu Community.

In full disclosure though, the process is self nominations and I have nominated myself, and am enjoying participating in the process and the friendly rivalry. So if you haven’t had a chance to add a testimonial to my wiki yet and you think I’m a good fit for the leadership role then please do so before the 8th. – This is all very exciting and it is an exciting time for the Ubuntu Women Project as a whole.

Even more exciting than that is the energy that has risen in the group the ideas that came out of UDS, seeing people get more involved and feel good about being part of what I think is going to be a great year for Ubuntu Women and Women in Open Source as a whole.

I’ve had the opportunity to write about Ubuntu Women over the past few weeks with:

Ubuntu Women Meeting: A Brief Summary and a Few Thoughts
UDS and Ubuntu Women

We have blueprints we are working on, roadmaps that are being looked at with fresh eyes, revisions and new ideas being added to our resources pages, and of course adding governance and working on the team channel(s), just to name a few, all this by team members who are energized, enthusiastic and encouraged about the project and everything we want to accomplish in 2010. Amazing stuff!

We now have Ubuntu Women Team members on the LoCo Council (Laura Czajkowski) and on the Community Council (Elizabeth Krumbach). Now with formal leadership coming into the Ubuntu Women Project – and all the new ideas and initiatives that are being discussed for what the Project, Team, and Team Members can all do to make not only the Ubuntu Women Project better, but the Ubuntu Community as well. Take a moment read over the notes and let’s hear your comments, suggestions, even concerns and most of all don’t forget all testimonials need to be in by Jan 8th, 2009.

Here’s to 2010 and Ubuntu Women – Onward and Upward!


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