UbuCon at SCaLE 8X

So it’s official there will be an UbuCon at SCaLE 8x. (February 19-21, 2010 in Southern California) There will be approximately 7 hours of Ubuntu related topics on the 19th of February. (Working on getting it added to the special events page on the SCaLE website, stay tuned). What is an UbuCon you might ask.. In this case it will be 7 hours of talks, demos, etc all based on a connection to Ubuntu. Here’s what UbuCon Atlanta had to offer at the Atlanta Linux Fest last Sept and you can find more information on the UbuCon wiki as well. There is also an identi.ca group for Ubucon’s as well.

The awesome California LoCo team will be taking the reins and running with the UbuCon. Now comes the fun part, what do people want to hear about? What Ubuntu related talks would you like to hear about. Are you attending SCaLE 8x and would like to present a talk at the UbuCon? Maybe you aren’t attending SCaLE but you have ideas for topics you would like to see covered at an UbuCon as there are more being planned for other events in 2010.

Like I mentioned the California LoCo team will be gathering these suggestions, ideas and submissions. Please send click here to sent them to Nathan Haines (nhaines), who make sure the UbuCon team can review them. Please include a summary of what your session/talk would include. Also if submitting an idea for a session please include as much information as possible. All submissions must be in by the 15th of January and a decision on the UbuCon Schedule will be finalized and all speakers/contributors will be notified by January 22, 2010.

Again special thanks to the California LoCo team and their awesome leadership and to Gareth and the other SCaLE planners for working together to make an UbuCon at SCaLE possible Community events and those who make this stuff happen are awesome! Thank y’all!


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