What a way to start off a year! Slashdotted, SCaLE talk submission, and UW Leadship Process WOW!

My “You-in-Ubuntu” blog on Ubuntu User Magazine Online was slashdotted, ok so the poster got the facts a little wrong :-/ but it’s all good (they changed the title and added a note to denote the main fact they left out) . (Thanks Lyz for letting me know!)

Then I was looking for something from a post back in February ’09 (seems like so long ago now), when I started this exploration of FOSS via Ubuntu, where I jokingly said in a blog post, “I know, I know, Linux should just naturally come before ANYTHING (right?), but I haven’t gotten there yet. :)” Well I am still not hacking code, but I am to the point where the whole family (including Pete) will leave the room if I say “Ubuntu, Community, Blog, Ubucon, or LoCo Team” :-/ Wow what a difference time makes! I was so nervous when I started blogging, then getting involved in the community. There are still moments, but the community is still so welcoming and inviting that whatever nervousness I am feeling it goes away quickly.

I submitted a talk for SCaLE 8x WIOS event – I hope it gets picked up. Though I still get nervous when I am doing stuff in the Greater Open Source Community. I decided in 2010 I was going to try some new things and that the only way to learn was to do.

Speaking of doing things myself, and Melissa Draper, and Penelope Stowe all nominated ourselves to be the leader of the Ubuntu Women Project. On January 9, 2010 at 0001 UTC the Ubuntu-Women Project Leadership nominee wiki’s were handed to the Community Council. The Testimonial phase ended – thank you so much to everyone who gave testimonials to not only me but to all of us. The Community Council will review the nominees from January 9-15, then appoint the interim leader of the group. (this appointment is for an initial term of 6 months)

After 6 months, so sometime in July 2010, the team will decide to either keep the appointed leader, or call for nominations and cast a vote for another leader (s) as the team will have established the procedures for both the election process and voting.

Wanna join the team stop by the #ubuntu-women channel on freenode, visit the website, or if one of the Ubuntu-Women team members belongs to your LoCo team ask them to tell people about the Project at your next LoCo meeting. 🙂

It’s great to see the Ubuntu-Women Project team getting energized, and moving the project to the next level. Good Luck to Melissa and Penelope, and me 🙂 as we watch our inboxes for the CC’s decision on or before January 15!

Here’s to a great weekend… :-D! And even better next week!


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