Many Thanks! – Ubuntu Women Project – Leader Appointed

Earlier today Lyz Krumbach sent an email to the Ubuntu Women Project mailing list announcing that the Ubuntu Community Council had appointed me as the interim leader of the Project. I was speechless! I appreciate those of you who gave testimonials for not only me but for Melissa Draper and Penelope Stowe as well. Melissa and Penelope both have some amazing goals and vision for the team and I can’t wait to see the team adopt and incorporate all these as we update and follow the roadmap to a successful growing Ubuntu Women Project.

The great thing about a team is that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, talents and time, technical abilities, interests and opinions. That is the greatness of effective teams – demonstrating and articulating how all those differences come together to form a cohesive unit. Does this mean that it’s always sunshine and roses – nope. However, it means that we all are working toward the same goals.

The next 6 months are all about building a solid project on the corner stone that was set in 2005, the footers that were poured in 2006, and framework that as been added to date. The tools are there: IRC, Forums, Wiki’s, Website, and the planet, but the real support comes from the team! More importantly it is the people who make up the team. Having the best tools, and ideas are nothing without motivated, dedicated, enthusiastic people to use those tools and implement the ideas – and the Ubuntu Women’s Project has amazing people on the team.

With the team working together obstacles become opportunities, stress becomes success, and mountains are moved. We have already seen this happening since UDS, more discussion in the Channel, more activity on the mailing list, more incentives being rolled out, participation in the meetings is increasing and the excitement and buzz for the Project is growing.

Lyz’s post does a great job of summing up the next 6 months. She writes,

Amber will be holding this position for the next 6 months to help guide us through our Lucid Cycle RoadMap and we will work to establish a formal voting team for the project. After 6 months the leadership position will be re-evaluated and with the voting team in place the team we will work toward a formal election as we determine the best leadership structure for the team moving forward.

Thanks again everyone, and I can’t wait to see where the Ubuntu Women’s Project goes from here. ๐Ÿ™‚


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