It’s Friday!

I can’t believe it is Friday already…Where has this week gone.

Rebecca and Matthew are out of school today and as soon as they are ready we have to run to the Library to return some overdue books. (they were due Wednesday). Rebecca is having a cow, because she has NEVER had a late fee in her life and just what are the people at the library going to think of her..such drama.

Peter is so sweet! He rearranged my working area so I could be out in the living room with everyone (I’m such a people person), instead of being tucked away in our bedroom working on stuff while everyone else is out here together. Now I can join them. Plus he wanted the space in the bedroom for his desk since I took over the other one. And speaking of sweet, he scheduled me for a massage today at noon. He said I was tense. I guess the headaches were a clue.. And for Mother’s Day he ordered me a color laser printer…now my newsletter’s will look ever better. I’m sooo excited. He is so wonderful. I could brag about him all day. I love him so much.

Matthew and Rebecca are so funny. They are discovering wit. They love to play with words. though it is clever. There are moments when you want to say, “stop”. I was explaining to Rebecca how to deal with a girl who was being rude. Rebecca still wanted to play with the girl but not if she was going to be rude. I told Rebecca that she could tell the girl, “I would love to play with you and be your friend, but I can’t if you are going to treat me this way.” and without missing a beat, Matthew says, “yeah Rebecca, how’s that working for you?” Mr. Sarcastic….
Then we were at church and I asked Matthew to please sit still for the millionth time (or so it seemed), and he says, “I’m bored”, to which I replied, “if you don’t behave I am going to take you outside and explain to you what bored is”. Matthew then tells me, as he sits up straight as an arrow, “I understand, but HOW long do I have to understand?” UGH!!!! I tried not to laugh. I had to turn my head. They are so cute and funny.

After much thought, prayer, and discussion we decided to let Rebecca become an Altar Server. she is doing quite well. She serves at the 4pm Mass on Saturdays and the 10am Mass on Sundays. Matthew will start training soon. So they both will be helping during the Mass soon. I am so proud of them both.

Well I need to work on a cover for the mini-retreat booklets for the 1st Communion Children, and get the readings done, before tonight’s meeting. And I need to finish my newsletter for my CCD Class before tonight.

I’ll post more later….

Later on Friday….Peter grilled out..(He Loves his grill).

While Peter was grilling. Rebecca had one of her friends over, Matt played outside with a group our other friends, and I finished the booklets for the 1st Communion Retreat.

We invited the Priests et al from the church over. Father Taggart came and we enjoyed good company, wide topics of conversation, and great food (Peter is such an awesome cook). We had grilled chicken, grilled corn on the cob, grilled peppers, onions, squash, potato salad, fresh green salad, fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream.

After a great even we tucked all the Children in (Rebecca’s friend spent the night), and retired for the evening.


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