Mother’s Day….

Like I said in my other Post….HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! (to all my friends and family who are mother’ you all)

So, Rebecca and I went to 10am Mass (She was serving). Then we came back home and tried to go to the Cheesecake Factory again….70 minute wait…AHHHHHH I’m never going to get my avocado egg rolls. We left the Burlington Mall and came back to Tewksbury and had Lunch at Lonestar Steak House. From there we went on to Salem NH, to the Rockingham Mall there. Peter bought me some new clothes. The Kids gave me a Bible program called QuickVerse for Mac. It has 10 different Bibles, 45 Reference titles, 125 Daily Bible Reading Plans, 2000 photos, Audio Pronunciation…and so much more…I’m so excited. And my color laser printer should be here on Tuesday. Can’t wait to do the next newsletter with all the new stuff.

Peter checked out the Mac store. From there we went to Best Buy Peter wanted to look at something there. Then we went to the Meat House, a great meat store. Awesome meats…(we got some steak tips) They also sell these great Sanpellegino drinks (Flavored waters, lime and orange), from Italy. I love these waters.

After all this fun Peter and I decided we were tired and we need to go home. So now we are home. Matthew is playing in his room. Rebecca walked across the street to Mirabella’s Bakery (people come from as far away as Boston to get stuff from there) to get something for her sweet tooth. Oh yes…and Speaking of the bakery..the Children also gave me two Chocolate Roses from there. The roses are in the freezer right now, but how long they will stay is any ones guess.

I have to say, between Peter and the Children, my day has been AWESOME and they have really made me feel very SPECIAL. THANKS GUYS! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

more later…..


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