Ubuntu North Carolina LoCo Team Now Approved!

The North Carlina LoCo Team became an approved Ubuntu LoCo Team on April 20, 2010 at 1744 EDT. The teams as been active over especially over the last 3 releases with release parties, Global Jams, Linux Fest, LUG groups, Ubuntu Hours and much much more.  Their ongoing desire to spread Ubuntu across the Tar Heel State is evident in their enthusiasm and ability to work together as a team to achieve various objectives.

The team list their roadmap goals in 4 areas:

* LoCo Support – Ubuntu Community

* Development – Ubuntu Technical/Developer community areas

* Local Advocacy – Ubuntu within North Carolina

* Wider FOSS and Greater Ubuntu Community – things out side the NC LoCO and Ubuntu of

The application wiki goes into greater detail on these future goals as well gives links to the history and events that mark each step of the journey to approval. The Link to the logs from the meeting that marks the NC team as an approved LoCo team can be found here.

Want to know a little more about the NC Team and who they are?

The North Carolina Local Community (LoCo) Team began to organize itself in July of 2007 with attempts to identify others who were interested in Linux and Ubuntu. From that start the team continues to grow as more efforts to expose the diverse population of North Carolina increase each week. Because of the independence and separation caused by the three distinct geographical regions of North Carolina, that task is daunting. However, the team, with its determination to be inclusive and open, has bridged the geographic and societal gaps such that we can now celebrate state-wide participation from the western, mountainous section of the state to the beaches of the Atlantic sea coast. Several major cities in North Carolina now have Linux user groups that are supported by the Loco Team and active Loco Team members reside in all parts of North Carolina. The Team, from its earliest organizational efforts, has, and continues to be, very active.

The NC LoCo Team is a group of Ubuntu-Linux enthusiasts whose common goal is to share Ubuntu and its derivatives with all areas of the Tar Heel state. In accordance with the Ubuntu philosophy, this team is open and available to all. Our members range from non-technical end user (NTEU) to Ubuntu-Linux Kernel developers.

The team assists many North Carolinians through various individual and team initiatives to expose the Tar Heel State to Ubuntu, but the efforts to join such a diverse population through another commonality is a benefit to the state as a whole. It is in that spirit that the team is adopting the motto of:

Spreading Ubuntu across the Tar Heel State

Congratulations to all the members of the Ubuntu North Carolina Local Community Team, as well as all the other LoCo teams who also became a re-approved /approved team during the LoCo meeting.

The Ubuntu Community is nothing short of awesome! Watching these dedicated, passionate, and involved team members and leaders present their LoCo teams for approval/re-approval was a great motivation. The approval process gives the opportunity to see what other teams and community members are doing. Not only is it great for the teams who are on the schedule but is a great opportunity to share what works, what doesn’t, what are the struggles, as well achievements of each team and in this regard helps build become a stronger LoCo Community that strives to help and learn from each other.

Thanks everyone who participated in today’s LoCo Council meeting, thanks to the LoCo Council members, and thanks to all those who helped their teams get to the approval point but were unable to make it to the meeting today.  You all rock!


10 Responses to “Ubuntu North Carolina LoCo Team Now Approved!

  • John Ghormley
    14 years ago

    Thanks for allowing me to be part of this approval effort. It’s great to be counted among such active and determined NC LoCo participants. Way to go, y’all! Great leadership, Amber. Thanks, loads!

  • Awesome! Congratulations!

  • Mark Meadows
    14 years ago

    Thanks Amber for all you do for us North Carolina Ubuntu users. I am grateful to the people like you who have developed Ubuntu and other open source software that has helped my family considerably over the past 3 years. If your team is ever in the RTP area I’ll be there. Thanks.


  • Congratulations from Russian LoCo!

  • akgraner
    14 years ago

    The team is all over the the state. We have a large group of LoCo members in the RTP area. As a matter fact there will be a release party in the Durham area next week. I’ll email you all in the information. Thanks for your kind words I’ll pass them along to the team!

  • Great post!

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