OK its Friday morning and I am going to sound like a broken record… where did Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday go? I turn around and life just happens and “poof” the days are gone.

Well I know where they went…I participated in the evaporation and quite willing I might add. Let’s see Monday…helping out at the rectory and my neo catechism meeting (Rebecca goes with me, Tuesday at the rectory and a meeting about organizing the Altar Servers, Wednesday at the rectory and Rebecca had rehearsals for 1st Communion she along with 3 other girls are singing, Thursday at the rectory and neo catechism meeting, (why you might ask at the rectory so much, Saturday is 1st Communion and their is much to be done).

Final, got all the certificates done and Father Taggart signed them, over 50 in all, some were from the Easter Vigil I was waiting on some missing information, some were from the celebration on the 15th of April and the rest were 1st Communion for this Saturday.
(Now I need to do the Confirmation ones for June 2nd but I have a few days..:)..)

Even as I type this my printer is busy printing the pages for the booklet…Its done…WHEW! However, I really enjoy doing those things. This is just a crazy week.

Peter booked out trip to Europe and it will include a layover for a couple of days in London. YEAH! We weren’t going to do that but now it turns out we are going to get to see London after all. Then it will be onto Prague.

Well, I just looked at the time and it is almost 7:30am and I am still in my PJ’s and the cleaning lady will be here in about 20 mins and if she see’s the mess I have created at the dining room table with all my papers I am afraid she will leave the apt. screaming “I’m never coming back.”

I’ll post more later today….. Great Day to everyone…..:)


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