1st Annual World Play Day Competition – Just Got Better

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1st Annual Ubuntu Women Project

World Play Play Day Competition

Just got better!

With some really awesome entries being submitted, excitement and support for encouraging girls to use Ubuntu and Open Source continues to grow.  The Ubuntu Women Project is proud to announce that another sponsor for the competition has been added. In addition to 1-Dell Mini (or equivalent) computer and the Canonical SWAG Bag we can now offer a Terra A20 Ubuntu Computer and Flash Drive from ZaReason.

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Thanks to ZaReason, the Ubuntu Women Project will now be able expand the prize packs to include:

1 – Terra A20 Ubuntu Netbook

1 – Gold flash drive necklace

When asked why ZaReason would like to sponsor the competition and what message they would like the public to know about them? They answered with the following:

As a company, our goal is to normalize the use of Ubuntu so that it’s not such a big deal to switch over to using it. We knew that we had reached “success” when we had our first tech support call to which the answer was, “Have you tried turning it on?” When the customer turned the system on, there were no more questions.

There’s nothing unique or scary or particularly difficult about using Ubuntu. Whether you are an eight year old little girl or an 80 year old computer consultant helping her 90 year old friend (one of our customers) switch over to free and open software, the transition is well worth it. The Ubuntu community knows that using your computer is supposed to be fun! ~ZaReason

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