Bipolar….not what you see on the news

OK so here I am watching the news and what comes on Britney Spears, in the hospital again, family members state she is bipolar. UGH! I hate this. Anytime you mention the term Bipolar what comes to mind, over the top pop stars, murderers who won’t get divorced so they “get rid of” their spouses. Why don’t you here about the people who are successful. This link gives you some idea Famous People with bipolar disorder.

Just because someone suffers from this disorder DOES NOT mean you can’t live a very successful life. Many people with this disorder are highly motivated and driven people. Why don’t they (the media) report the successes, no they have to report on the extreme because as a society that’s what makes everyone stop and pay attention. The more outrageous, dramatic, traumatic, or just ridicules that’s what our society wants to hear.

So I am ranting..but the point is valid, aren’t their more important issues in this world at the moment. Now having said that, it does not mean that I do not sympathize with the Britney or any other person suffering with any form of mental illness. I just pray she will get the help she needs (and the media will just leave her alone to recover and get her life together.)


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