Murphy needs a Pet….and I found the SPCA today

Ok so I did a million loads of laundry today, did a couple loads of dishes (where do they all come from?) Getting up at 5:30am makes for a long day.

I did find out where the SPCA for Wake county was. I looked at all the cats. They were great! I wonder what Murphy would think of a cat. Considering that I am allergic to cats I didn’t act too impulsively. I decided to bring back the family and see what they think about the idea. I didn’t even make it the dog section. I think Murphy is probably happy about that too. He needs a sibling though. We need another animal. I think we do anyway and you can’t walk a fish.

I am waiting for the registration/copyright to come back on a work I just submitted. I am so excited and can’t wait to get the certificate of registration.

Peter and I went to lunch today. Nothing fancy just Fridays..I was a nice lunch but the time spent with just Peter and was the best. I enjoy just hanging out with him.

Rebecca and Matthew are making friends in the neighborhood. All within walking distance. So it is fun to walk around the neighborhood. Murphy likes the walk too unless you walk him farther than he wants to walk then he just sits down and expects you to carry him home.
Matthew is working on a class project about a Pirate: Calico Jack

So, as far as the Bipolar goes, I have to keep lists and stay on top of things. Blogging helps. Working on the website helps as well. I get frustrated easy at the moment, and I am not sleeping well. But I am sure that the meds will help get me back on track. I also have RLS and that is flaring up hard. I think that’s why I am not sleeping well. My doctor gave me a website to find a support group for the RLS so that’s my next step in this medical adventure.

More later….


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