Call For Nominations for the Elected Ubuntu Women Project – Leadership Committee is now open!

ubuntu women logoAnnounced earlier this morning the Ubuntu Women Team is moving from the transitional appointed Leader to an New Ubuntu Women Project Leadership Committee of 3 co-leader. This committee is loosely based on the TresChix approach that some chapters of LinuxChix use.

For More information on the team elections please go to:

In myPassing the Torch – Thank You for an amazing 6 months!” email to the Ubuntu Women Team Mailing list this morning I expressed my time as the transitional leader as such:

The Ubuntu Women Project has taken on new energy and life in this last months and the progressive momentium of contributions and participation is something the whole team can be proud of.

I have laughed, learned, languished, and even lamented over decisions, direction and dialogs surrounding role as the “appointed” Leader of the Ubuntu Women Project. While I understood the controversy and concern of those within the project and even the community, about it, it is my hope that I have added value to the project and have given the best I had to offer to the team when and where ever I could. Despite the rough start, and a few rocky moments as the Ubuntu Women Leader, I have enjoyed contributioning to the success of the team.

However, any successes I as a leader have shared in during the Lucid cycle, is a direct result of the determined, dedicated, and amazing team that not only supported me but stands as both the anchor and the sail of the Ubuntu Women Project. As a team you have challenged me, encouraged me, and caused honest introspection – and I have grown.

I am excited for the team and can’t wait to see all the nominations for those leadership roles.

In my Ubuntu Women Project – Give yourselves a hand! Take a look and some of the -L objectives we have accomplished” email to list in back March, when the Ubuntu Women Project completed the last of our stated blueprint goals for the -L cycle I highlighted those awesome team accomplishments as follows:

I can’t tell you what a great feeling it was yesterday to mark the Lucid
cycle Blueprint for the team as complete and accepted – I was so happy I
snagged a screen shot of it. With a little over 7 weeks to go before the -M cycle starts it’s time to take adeep breath, regroup and the roll out all the great goals we have for the -M cycle.

However, before we start all that planning I wanted to take a minute to tell
you all Thank You for working hard to accomplish so many things things this
cycle! I know we have hit a few bumps in the rock this cycle, but we have
great shocks absorbers and we have all just bounced back. The Ubuntu Women Project Team is made up of some of the most talented, dedicated, hardworking and compassionate folks in the whole Ubuntu Community! – In other words – y’all rock and you’re just goof peoples!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

The Ubuntu Women Project Team has a lot to be proud of this cycle – together we as a team have accomplished some pretty awesome goals during the Lucid cycle and the fun isn’t over yet. Remember we still have 7 weeks to go before -M starts and there are still a few more things around the corner
that we will need to finish as well ๐Ÿ™‚ In the meantime, let’s take a look
at what the Team has accomplished so far this cycle:

* 1st release cycle using 6-month road maps/blueprints
* 1st release cycle tracking our progress as a project
* 1st “Formal” leader for the Project
* Creation of a second Ubuntu Women IRC Channel – the project now has both
a logged and unlogged channel
* Defined an “official” Ubuntu Project team roster using Launchpad to
determine voting eligibility
* We ran a successful — 1st Annual Ubuntu Women Project “How I discovered
Ubuntu” International Women’s Day Competition
* New wiki pages were set up (thanks to Melissa) and are being edited and
* We have having meetings on a fairly regular basis
* Increased project discussion on the mailing list, IRC and Forums
* Working on a virtual Ubuntu Women Project Global Jam for the weekend of
March 26-28, 2010
* Goals for the -M cycle have been suggested and put before the team
* Process and timeline for Project Elections for after UDS-M have been
* Since UDS-L the Ubuntu Women team (on Launchpad) has increased by a little
over 5%.
* Members of the Project have spoken and/or attended almost every major
Linux/Open Source Event this so far this year
* Project is now tracking diversity growth in the Community (thanks to Alan
* And more

Let’s make plans to make the -M cycle the best yet! Well Done! ๐Ÿ™‚

With just a few one more day until I head to Brussels for UDS, and a few more hours to tweak some blueprints before heading out – I wanted to say thanks again to the Ubuntu Women Project team members for a great Lucid cycle! ย I can’t wait to see what we as a team accomplish for the Maverick cycle.

I’m not going anywhere, I’ll still be part of the Ubuntu Women Project team just not in a leadership role. ย I recently became the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Editior-In-Chief, and because the Ubuntu and FOSS communities write so many amazing articles each week my plate is pretty full reading those and figuring out what to include where.

Community! ย what’s left to say?


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