Ash Wednesday

I know I am late posting this….but please be patient as I am trying during Lent especially to be diligent for my sacrifices and my prayers. Pray I do.:)

On Wednesday I had to fly to back to Massachusetts to have some orthodontic work done (why there you ask because I only have two more adjustments and they come off, it wasn’t worth trying to find a new orthodontist here until I finished there, and it’s cheaper this way believe it or not.)

So we leave the house around 5am to get to the airport at 6am for my 8am flight. (security at RDU is either really fast or really slow no middle ground, well that’s been my experience anyway.)
I was concerned that I would miss every Mass where the Ashes were being given out at. Why do I worry God knows what he is doing. So I finally get to Manchester, NH at 10:30am (had to stop and change plans in Philadelphia.) Made it to my appointment at 11:30, they did what they had to do and I was at my Old Parish, St. Patrick’s in Lowell, by 12:10pm, (ok I was 10 minutes late but I got there, WHEW!) It was so good to get there receive my ashes and to receive communion too.

I was able to visit and have lunch with the Priests from the church, visit my friends Bro. Val, and Maria the secretary there. All of whom I dearly miss. I had the best visit and felt renewed by the blessing of friends, especially the greatest of friends Christ! What a blessed day it was.

I finally drove back to the airport early as they were facing storms heading that what and all the flights from the Midwest had been cancelled. I got to the airport and turned in the rental car and went to the gates early. I found and earlier flight back to Philadelphia and I waited and waited and I over heard the crew talking that 4 people were still missing and I just asked “I’m heading that way on the next flight can I have one of those seats” The crewman asked ‘Do you have any checked bags?” “Nope, just me and this bag (my purse), I replied. The lady that was there said, “Come on then and take the 1st open seat you find.” I did and it was at the very back of the plane right next to the bathrooms, I was happy. The flight attendant said, “Is it Ash Wednesday already?” and with a smile I said yes. Again I was happy, the Ashes were a outward symbol of my belief in God. So everyone who say them said ” you made it to Church” I smiled without saying a word I was witnessing to a multitude of people my Christian Faith.

I made it to Philadelphia and there was an earlier flight there as well. I waited till the attendant had closed the door and was making the final manifest check and I asked is there one seat left ad if so can I get it? She smiled and said as she opened the door “it’s yours” and the man who knew I was waiting to see if I could get on that flight said “see it pays to go to church” I smiled again, and again felt blessed.

Now for those of you who don’t know what Ash Wednesday is let me give you the short version. It is the start of Lent. (Just click on Ash Wednesday or Lent underlined and blue and it will take you better articles than what I can write). I enjoy Lent, it is time for penance, for reflection, for fasting, and sacrificing, in preparing for Easter. Please read the articles to find out more.

Also on Wednesday, Matthew had to finish his project on Calico Jack, a pirate, Peter announced to me as I called him from the airport to let him know I was taking an earlier flight, “you are never leaving to go any where when there are projects that the kids have to do!” I don’t think he enjoys all the projects as much as I do, but they got it done. And Matthew was really proud of himself as he did it all with very little help from us.

I got home around 11:30pm or so and was exhausted, blessed but tired. I love my family and I am so glad that I have them. Have you hugged your family today?

Oh I think I mentioned that I just read and a book I not living with Insanity, I am enjoying every minute of it! Well in the book it has a 100 smile challenge, I am going to try to bring out 100 smile. I think it will be fun to at least try. I’ll keep a journal to see how many happen between now and lent.

Gotta run more later….
Have a Blessed Day!


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