Early in the Morning I will seek Thee

I find myself up early, and I am reminded of a picture my mom has that has a little country church dimly light in the early morning hours with a horse and buggy out front, with a little light glowing through the window of the church, and the caption states “Early in the morning I will seek Thee”

I was thinking do I truly seek Him, in these early morning hours or is it more like a “Hi” and “Can you bring me a good day today.” I don’t think that is the type of seeking the picture was talking about. I figure since it has been laid on my heart to do more seeking in these morning hours that I would attended Mass daily, since I really don’t have a excuse as to why I can’t go to church each morning and start the day off a little better than before. We only live 5 minuted from our Church and the Mass is at 9:00am, Matthew gets on the bus at 8:45am so there is no reason not to pop on over and really say “Hi” and “Thank you ” to Christ, especially in this Lenten Season.

I need to take Rebecca to school this morning as it is raining and I am sure that it will still be raining at 8:30am so, Matthew will get a ride to school as well.

Rebecca made the honor roll at her new school and Matthew got an A on his pirate project.
We are Blessed!

God Bless you all today! Find your quiet moments and see Him.


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