Don’t whistle while you work…Pray:)

Today my to do list is overwhelming, well it could be if I let it. But I am not. I am going to things one at a time and get through them the same way. Prayer! I am so excited that some of my family will be visiting from Western NC this weekend. Even though I am only 4 hours away, it seems like forever some days.

Well I can’t write for long as there is: (Readers Digest Condensed version of the list)

Bathrooms (to be cleaned)
Bedrooms to make ready for the guests
carpet to Vacuum and Steam Clean
Grocery shopping to do
And my newsletter to print and mail.
Oh yes, and bills to pay.
Get more bid seed : )
Fill up feeder 🙂

So it’s a typical day in the world of a stay home mom. I wasn’t feeling really well last night I ate something fried and as much a my taste buds enjoy it , my stomach does not. So I got up a little late and didnt have a chance to make it to Church this morning. I am enjoying going to the 9am Masses because the group is smaller and it is nice going and saying “Hi” to Jesus in the morning before my day really begins.

I just looked out the window and noticed that my bird feeder is empty. I must add get more bird seed to list and fill up the feeder. (see there is always something)

Anyway have a great day, and know I am thinking about you all.
God Bless!


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