Irreverent and Southern with a pinch of Ubuntu on the Side

For a while now I’ve had a couple people as me if Pete and I would do a podcast.  The answer to that is “NO”.  (One day I’ll share the 30 second clip of a call with Pete and I that locked in the “NO” answer) However, Jeremy Foshee has agreed to do a podcast and at some point in the future a videocast. 🙂 We hope as we get better at what we are doing you will come to enjoy our rantings.

We are still working out all the details but we did hold a planning call that we have recorded and thought we would share it with folks to give an idea of what we are planning.  The planning call is just that  – there is nothing professional or fancy about it but be are going to refine things a bit and see what we can come up with.

We are going to call the podcast “Failure to Communicate” and in this podcast we hope to accomplish not taking ourselves to seriously and looking at life with a slight irreverent and southern slant.

While the planning call was longer than 30 minutes we hope to keep the podcasts in the future to 30 minutes or less.

For those who are curious as to what we are planning the links are listed below.

Ogg Format

mp3 Format

Hopefully we can record an actual podcast over the next week, we are still looking for the right theme music to go with our cast and refining the topics we want to talk about etc., but we’ll get there.

Anywho hope you will laugh with us and not at us but I am sure there will be some of that as well 😛


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