It’s all Perspective Right???? But Who’s?

I just found one of the many journals I kept during the 1st Gulf War, so I am thinking I will post some of the entries from time to time of course I will change the names to protect the guilty.:). I realized I thought a lot about the personalities of the people I worked with. I think it kept my mind off of the things we were doing. I’m not posting any today but keep following and you will see them.

Today I am writing a paper about “most significant experience in participating in the celebrating of Baptism or Confirmation rite? What made it significant to me? How did it impact my spiritual life? What meaning or value does the Eucharist offer for deepening my relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Just thought I would share a little of my Sacraments Class that I am taking. There are days when I shake my head and re-read a chapter 3 times a still wonder if I understand it the way I should. I have come to the conclusion that regardless there is always more to learn.

Peter leaves on Saturday for Berlin and then from Berlin he goes to London then he will be home around the 11th of February. Travel Travel Travel. Then he just told me he might have to go to Lithuania (hope I spelled that right, yea yea I know google and spell check exist but at this moment I am not stopping my train of thought to check to forgive me if it is wrong.) in March. I am sure there will be a trip in April and I know that Spain is in May, but beyond that I haven’t really checked his calendar. (Does that make me a bad wife?, I guess it is just a matter of perspective right.:) Who’s matters?)

Anyway look for the journal entries if I get this essay done I may post one later today.

As always it’s just me being me. 🙂


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