The Ubuntu Chronicles: The Saga of Amber and Ubuntu

Part 9

I have to pause to say I am 3-D type learner (I have to see, touch and do) in order to really understand something.

I said that to say….BitTorrent is fast and easy once you understand it. I was expecting a Box to “Pop up” and tell me my download was complete. So at 7pm last night I finally said to Pgraner “this should have been finished hours ago”. “what is wrong” He said, “Amber, it is finished, now you are up loading parts.” Hmmmm So I apologize, for giving the impression yesterday that it was taking all day to get Fedora when it only took less than 2 hours. (note here…if it hadn’t been so late I would have logged onto the #Ubuntu-women and asked but the whole family was hungry and I needed an answer right then, I am sure they would have told me as well. So the resources are there to answer questions like that if you ever get stuck and need a REAL person to help you.)

So here is how I understand BitTorrent now. It goes out and gets the pieces and parts from different places and assembles them and puts them together and gives them to you (OK I know over simplified but that’s how average user mom here gets it). So once the arrow that says down has nothing coming in it will say 0% or something like that and the bar (which happens to be orange on my screen) goes from gray to 100% filled in then you have what you are downloading. After that then you start uploading stuff for other people who are downloading the same thing. DUH…now I get it. I think it is cool now that I understand it in it it’s simplest form.

I am going to read up on it some more.

So anyway I managed to Burn the Fedora 10 ISO to DVD yesterday and it only took about 10 minutes +/- a few minutes to make the DVD. Then Fedora had a place where you could test to see if the image you have is good. I still have to do that but I feel confident it is, but I’ll check it out anyway.

BitTorrent is not something that average mom would use. If someone, (Thanks S.M.)had not told me to doing it that way, I would have never thought about. Most people me included would not think about downloading a file that big. So don’t let that scare you from trying Linux.

Pgraner, said, “Hey Honey, if I can order a new Dell you can have mine, and run both OSs at the same time” I think he just wants a new toy to play with. 🙂 So now I am debating, Wii Fit or new computer. /me sighs I want to try Fedora 10, but I don’t want to have to give up using Ubuntu. It’s easy.!

I might find that Fedora is easy for average user mom now. However, I am enjoying Ubuntu. I haven’t missed the Mac yet, but I am not ready to give it up just yet. (either one Ubuntu or Mac)

Every person I know who works in the Computer industry usually has 2,3 + computers and each one has a specific reason for their use. Some are for testing final releases of things before they update their main machines. Some of them are Alpha, Beta testers and that’s what they use them for, others only for graphics stuff and others are just for the kids or wife/husband. The same with printers, each printer has a different function. So I am not feeling guilty for keeping it (my Mac)

I don’t have a lot to say today except I am going to learn to make a live Ubuntu USB stick so I can help test on Monday. So that Monday I can make a new one and test on the daily image. (Again, average user doesn’t have to do this. I just think it is fun to become involved).

I am doing everything I can do with my Mac on Ubuntu it just does it differently. Just like when I switched from Windows to Mac. At first I didn’t understand how things worked. I only knew that everything I plugged into just worked, and so far everything I’ve plugged into my computer (that I normally use) works as well. So that’s cool.

I need to go an clean my garage today….UGH I would rather play some more with Ubuntu but, there are some things that just won’t happen by just thinking about it, and my easy button just doesn’t work on the garage.

Enjoy! Maybe more later, depending on what my kids and husband have managed to do or undo in the garage…:) Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend. It is beautiful here in NC. The sun is shining and it just makes you want spring to head this way. The birds are out, the squirrels are playing and I even saw a few deer stealing my bird seed. Life is good!

Thanks everyone!……:)


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