The Ubuntu Chronicles: The Saga of Amber and Ubuntu

Part 11

Well I have spent about 4 hours and making some headway with Scribus, but not enough to get the newsletter out in time. So even thought I am not giving up, and throwing in the towel, but I need to get the newsletter out before people think I have forgotten about them. I am going back to Pages and my Mac. I am sure that before long I will figure it out. I just need the easier stuff for what I am trying to do. SO yes I am going back to the Mac for my desktop publishing needs for the time being. Again, I am not giving up, I am still learning. I just need to finish this… /me sighs heavily…… (new plan haven’t run back to it yet)

Thought about it some more, hmmmmm, I think I am just going to try one more thing before I go running back to my Mac…Open Office..when I started my newsletters many years ago, I started with Word. I will just go back to the beginning again and take baby steps. Can’t hurt and it just might help. Who knows maybe I will learn something new. I’m not running back just yet just finding a different way to solve my newsletter issue. (see how things change from moment to moment.)

Unless you are into desktop publishing then this won’t be an issue for you, however it is for me. I don’t like deciding on all the formats, I want stuff already there and I just get to highlight something and tweak it a bit and then I have what I want. Scribus may have won a battle but in the end I’ll figure it out. I’ll keep you posted.:)

Stefano F. gave me a great link to read in response to my last posting and I am passing it along., it is a great letter by Gina Trapani of Ex-Lifehacker’s. Thank you Stefano. I appreciated it so much I wanted to public thank you for the great advice and great link. I also sent Gina Trapani, a Thank you!

Maybe average user mom, has thick skin when it comes to raising children, being a wife, volunteering, going to school, and dealing with extended family issues, but putting my thoughts out for the whole world to read, I need to develop that thick a little quicker. 🙂 Where is mole skin when I need it…:) It will show up sooner rather that later:) Until then I’ll just Keep Blogging….This whole Linux world is great, sometimes I need a wiki page or two (OK a dozen) to get me where I need to be.
(but think back to the 1st time you started learning Windows, or Mac there were some frustrating moments learning those until you got to your comfort level. So I see using Linux (some flavors are just easier than others) as no different)

Ok learned (and downloaded Jaunty), making and USB stick now that I can test on with. I am sure I will be “the Ubuntu channels today” asking questions. (Hope no-one wants to strangle me before the day is over.)

I am also reading up on how to make my machine dual boot. So I can run both Ubuntu and Fedora at the same time. That sounds like something “Linuxie” (is that even a word) to learn, so I am going to read some more how to’s and once Alpha 4 testing is complete I’ll get some help, but not from Pgraner, he said, “the only way for you to really learn is to do. How many times since ’92 do you think I’ve (and everyone else) learning this stuff has had to re-install machines for one reason or another” (I have no idea the thought never occurred to me to be honest). Now dual booting and multi booting is where you can run two or more operating systems on the same computer. (Usually something average user wouldn’t do, I would have never even seen a reason for such a thing just using my Mac)

What a community Linux is..and one that I am enjoying settling into. I feel like I have just moved into a new house, and I am getting to know my neighbors….:)

Howdy neighbors….more tomorrow! 🙂 See ya again tomorrow…..


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