The Ubuntu Chronicles: The Saga of Amber and Ubuntu (this part includes Fedora)

Part 17

I got a comment that talked about how the Linux communities came about and they even used the RTFM term, and that -women groups were created for friendlier environments for women. (Ok having a Military and a Hospitality Industry background the spirit of this comment grated on me and required a follow-up post) See comments part 16

While the -women groups are and should be for building camaraderie and community because women users *are* a minority within the Open Source/Linux community they are great ideas and have wondeful resources; #Ubuntu-women is great but I have found all the other Ubuntu channels just a helpful.

However, they should not exist just the be a “less aggressive” place to be. Women who have the skills should be equally respected and valued in the communitities. Also the main channels should be there to help anyone regardless of length of use.

My point was not that I was a woman and needed a friendlier place but to show that choosing the flavor of Linux to use is not just the Operating system, the community and how they treat each other also goes into that decision.

*Example*: A global company may make a superior product and have terrible customer service, I would rather go out of my to support the local store, wait a little longer, but since they know my name and treat me like I am their only customer, rather than become a number in a queue talking to someone who could care less about how long I had to wait, how many times I got hung up on etc. Even if I have to pay a little more for the local product, common courtesy, heaven forbid, manners goes a long way. There is no excuse for people being rude just becase they can.


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