The Ubuntu Chronicles: The Saga of Amber and Ubuntu (this part includes Fedora)

Part 20

I was asked a question in a comment to one of my postings about how I came to download the Fedora Install DVD instead of a liveCD.

I’m paraphrasing but the spirit of the question was: short of walking in and handing me a Fedora T-shirt and a disc how could the process be made simpler for your average user like me. (well 2004/2005 time frame, I was handed a Fedora CD and T-shirt and it wasn’t simple then, and I know it’s come a long way, but tongue in check remarks like that don’t always make me smile. They make me feel like I do when one of my kids is being a wise%^&)

However, here is how I got to the point of using BitTorrent and getting the Fedora 10 Install DVD.

1) I asked someone at Red Hat if the Raleigh office had the CD’s or DVD’s available. I was told no and was given several websites where I could order one for a nominal fee. Nope wasn’t going that way. They also advised since I was wanting to learn BitTorrent that it (BitTorrent), would be a fast and easy way to download Fedora. (side note, I thought it was taking forever, not understanding that once you get the image you need; you allow others to take some of the image from you…I even apologized for implying it was taking a long time. Once I understood the BitTorrent Process, I realized it really doesn’t take that long to get an image)

2) I went to

3) On the left of the page I clicked the link Get Fedora

4) on the right side of the screen it has boxes with links, KDE fans, go here! (not what I wanted), Below that box another box, Have a PowerPC? Go here! (still not what I wanted) last box, Show me all download options on one page! (That’s what I wanted) So I clicked that link.

5) I knew I wanted to install Fedora and not play around with the live CD. So I chose the Option to Install Media, BitTorrent, x86_64 – Install DVD.

(of note on the 1st page there is a place that says: Get Fedora 10 Desktop Edition Now, (Installable Live CD), and under the Install Media on the show all options page there is another place that allows you to choose Fedora Desktop Live Media.)

I point that out to say that it has been brought to my attention that I may have been comparing apples and oranges and that the Fedora Install DVD would have been like Installing the Ubuntu Server instead of Desktop. (maybe I’ll just have to try the server one too, though why I would need it is beyond me, but just to say I did it, then I could compare apples to apples, and oranges to oranges)

So, I will once again Download Fedora 10 – this time the Desktop liveCD and reinstall and while I am doing that I will go ahead and grab OpenSUSE and just take a look at it all with Fresh eyes.

I have to tell you – people in the open source community are very passionate about the work they do. I can tell you without that passion and drive that was there late 80’s early 90’s the Open Source Community you have today would not be there. I misspoke when I said that pgraner was handed a stack of disk in the late 90’s it was actually the early 90’s as I was still in the Army, and was privileged to see some early testing using Linux and Government systems. (Notice I said see, in other words I watched as the attitude began to change about Linux in the world, slowly over time). I can also compare the passion that people have for their flavor of Linux as that of the passion a Mom has for her kids: NOBODY MESSES WITH MY KIDS! kinda thing. However, most wise parents (Moms) would not be caught dead saying, “Not my Kid!”. Instead they listen and see what happens/ed.

I also think that what people feel for Linux/Unix and/or a particular flavor can be associated with how people are for/or against particular religious practice.

I admire the passion, and I can feel the excitement as I want to continue to be involved in the Open Source Community. (though I am not quite sure where my place is as I am so non-technical. I will, however, figure it out)

I was recently speaking to a few of my friends about my latest project, and they were reading the Blogs, and said, “I could never do that?”, My answer was, “you can do whatever you want. why not try?”

So I have a few goals. Three computers, three operating systems, and three people. I want to see what they think. They are average users as well. Some use windows, some use Mac.
(And yes they will be LiveCD’s same media type and almost the exact same computers)

OK, so three isn’t exactly a focus group but it’s a start. Again it’s not a them v. us thing. I just want to see, if the people I hang out with can install and use a flavor of Linux for a day. (note the people I hang out with are moms just like me, not computer people, though I do have friends in the industry, but again they don’t get to play.)

Again, Thanks for all the input and comments. I must admit some just make me ask, “why?” even put that on there. Others, make me think a little, and still others just make me smile and make me want to continue to document my introduction to the world of Free and Open Source Software and the community therein.

Like most places you visit you find that perfect restaurant, or the place that over looks the most breath taking view in the world, others you go to you never want to go back, it’s all the perspective and attitude. Visiting the communities gives me ideas of where I am comfortable and where I am not, but it also gives me hope in the idea that all Linux users regardless of the flavor are like most parents they want to see all kids succeed, because they are the future of our world (no matter where you live), and Linux is becoming the future (though slower than I would have hoped) of the desktop user. So in about a week to 10 days I will settle in on the Linux OS distribution that is the easiest for me to transition to and navigate and offers the more comfortable community. (the distribution and the community go hand in hand for me anyway)

So far it is no secret that Ubuntu is winning the race. However, I will go back and reinstall Fedora using the Live Desktop CD, and I will give OpenSUSE that try. I have to be honest, each Flavor has a little to be learned from the other one. I am not just talking about the OSs, but the communities as well. Who wants to be part of a community that is stand-offish and doesn’t welcome new people. I guess that’s why there is “upstream”.

Go buy a house in a neighborhood that looks awesome only to find out where you live you have terrible neighbors and see how long you stay there. I like the LiveCD idea, at 1st I thought is was like test driving the car before you bought it, but now I think it’s more like renting a house and checking out the house and the neighborhood before you make a commitment to stay there.

But that’s just my humble mom opinion…….:)


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