The Ubuntu Chronicles: The Saga of Amber and Ubuntu (this part includes Fedora and other Linux distros)

Part 22

Alright, I downloaded the LiveCD’s of Both Fedora 10 and OpenSUSE (the bright green was bright). I have to say running both Versions live was the easy part.

However, when it came to installing, I was back to the same issues I had with Fedora 10 the 1st time. I could not install my printer without help and I wasn’t going to ask pgraner for any help. I didn’t have to with Ubuntu so my goal was not to this time.

So that ended my continuing any further with Fedora 10. (for the second time, the 1st time pgraner helped me. See earlier posts for the full details)

I went to install the LiveCD with OpenSUSE and even when I told it to use the whole HD it still would not overwrite everything and told me it could not be installed. (I tried every way it had but it would just not install)

So there ended my continuation with OpenSUSE.

The whole point to that was ease of installation. Neither were as easy as Ubuntu . I could spend everyday trying out a new flavor, however, for now and until I gain some more user knowledge of Linux ( I am reading Linux in a Nutshell now), then Ubuntu is the flavor I will go with.

However, I will say just getting the LiveCD’s so you can play with them they are all easy. Some of them just get a little more complicated when you go to make a printer, or YouTube work.

I know this may sound like I didn’t give it a fair shake I ran Fedora 10 and used it just like my Ubuntu machine for a week. I would have OpenSUSE as well but I could not get it installed so therefore I didn’t have the opportunity to do so. The only reason I even installed Fedora from the Live CD is because I was told that Using the Install DVD was an unfair comparison. It was still hard for me, to install from the liveCD. However, I did learn that I really do need to know more about *my* equipment set-ups instead of just letting pgraner do all the hard work.

I must say though with my Mac and with Ubuntu I just told (well answered a few simple questions) for it to find my printers and they did. I guess you can tell printing is important to me.

For now, I just want to settle in and use the computer and enjoy the operating system, and I honestly went back and forth with Fedora and Ubuntu. With Fedora I needed too much help to install new things and it felt *heavier*, not the computer, but somehow just the program. The best and only way I know how to describe it, is it felt like walking in water, and Ubuntu felt like sailing on water. I decided that Ubuntu would be my flavor for now.

It may not seem like I gave anything else much of a chance since I am not detailing every step. There is no need to do that again. Refer to earlier posts for that level of detail.

I am sorry if this post is shorter and the spirit of the post is rushed, however, I have spent the day writing essays, preparing surveys, and all the other mom stuff, like cleaning, laundry, kids to school, (we get up at 5am), and walking animals, as well as figuring out what to have for dinner. ( I am sure that is more than most you wanted to know, but average user mom here well has been busy today. I barely had time to Facebook and didn’t even Micro-blog at all 🙂 )

Thanks for continuing to read as there are more Ubuntu Chronicles to come….


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