From Events to Moving and More

I can’t believe that it’s almost release time for Ubuntu 11.04 and the Natty Narwhal cycle is drawing to a close – where has the time gone? I don’t know, but I do know that I’ve kept myself plenty busy.

I’ve been to FUDCon, PyCon, POSSCon, and Texas Linux Fest.  Sadly I was unable to make to the Indiana Linux Fest. I’ve interviewed people for various posts and articles and I love it. Did I mention I absolutely love talking to people, and I *have* to get better at writing those things up IMMEDIATELY when I finish them.

From FUDCon I learned more about Fedora and the community that surrounds the project, PyCon made me want to learn more about the python programming language and all the areas where python is used. POSSCon, made me realize that I need to improve my own “elevator-pitch” as not all conference are made up of people who know more than me – sometimes I do get interact with people who are just leaning about FOSS and I get to be the technical person in a conversation and no matter how scary or funny that thought may seem; it’s true “everyone is someone’s guru”.  Texas Linux Fest gave me the opportunity to talk about marketing with my talk on “Why should I care about your project”.  These events were awesome and I am still catching on writing up the interviews and event reports from all of them.

During all this fun,  we moved back into our house! If you believe “home is where the heart is” then the last five months we weren’t really without a home; we were just without out a house to put our hearts into and now my friends we are back in our house. (Thank you notes will be forthcoming).

Today I played around with recording my desktop, though I haven’t mastered it yet, I am getting there.  I learned it is *very* important to script what you want to say and run through like it a full dress rehearsal before I record. 🙂 (thanks popey!)

Oh and as I mentioned at the beginning of this post Ubuntu 11.04 is just around the corner and while I wasn’t sure how I would like Unity, I am, in fact, really enjoying it and I can’t wait until the the final release hits my desktop.


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