The New Ubuntu Friendly Program Needs User Feedback

Is your computer Ubuntu Friendly? How do you find out?  Do you know about the System Testing Application/Client on Ubuntu? Let’s talk, shall we?

Ubuntu Friendly

The Ubuntu Friendly Program will be an open hardware certification program where end users of all skill levels and understanding can test their system using the System Testing application/client or checkbox to verify the system is indeed “Ubuntu Friendly”. The program is still very much under construction, however, it is beginning to shape up nicely.

Now just in case you’ve missed all the discussions surrounding this new program, here are some must reads from Ara Pulido who has been blogging tirelessly since UDS-O to get the word out.

How can you help?

Now as most people know I am not a developer nor do I play one on the internet, but I love to learn about anything that gets you–the end user–involved. Let me tell you what I have done and will continue to do from the end user perspective. (Remember: You the non-developer end user contributor are very important in this process and your opinion does matter!)

The first thing I did after announcing my initial excitement for the program was to join the Ubuntu Friendly Squad Launchpad team, then sign-up for the mailing list.  A read through Ara’s blog posts and all the comments there are were very helpful. Which brought me to the FAQ page and other links on the wiki.  I also attend the Ubuntu Friendly IRC meetings that are held in #ubuntu-quality on Once I got a handle on the program and what it was based on etc I felt better prepared to give more detailed feedback. (Don’t worry you don’t have to read everything to get started.  I just think it helps.)

Next I ran the System Testing Application (I made sure everything was updated before I ran the tests) on both Natty and Oneiric. I then typed up my thoughts and feedback and sent them to the Ubuntu Friendly team.  I was nervous at first, but it’s a cool team and all the developers really make team members feel welcome and encourage user questions and feedback.

Are you Interested in helping build this program?  If so take a look through all the links I’ve given you and get involved.  I’m having fun, and if I am,  I know you can too.

How can your LoCo Team help?

Ubuntu Global Jam (September 2-4, 2011)

Ok so Ubuntu Global Jam is coming up and this would be a great time for LoCo teams to ask their members to use the System Testing application (just click on the dash and start typing “System Testing” and you’ll see the icon for it  – just click on it to get started) and let the Ubuntu Friendly Squad know your pain points throughout the process and if you understand the wording of all the test screens etc. (I’ll admit I didn’t know what some of the stuff was 🙂 but I do now.) I put my feedback in a googledoc and sent the team a link.  However, you do what works for you! 🙂

Hopefully if all goes as planned the new Ubuntu Friendly Program will be in place and ready for all the Ubuntu Release Parties in October (More on that later)

Thanks in advance for your help with this program.  Materials for LoCo teams (Fliers, Slide Decks, etc) are still under development and will advance as the program does.

Happy Testing!


4 Responses to “The New Ubuntu Friendly Program Needs User Feedback

  • Ubuntu Oregon would love to check out the new UFP during our Release Party!

  • akgraner
    11 years ago

    Awesome! Then stay tuned here or email me and as we get closer to October I’ll be letting you know how you can participate etc. Thanks for reading my posts! 🙂

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