Rock Concerts: The Cure For Jet Lag

OK, so maybe going to see Black Stone Cherry, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Bad Company isn’t a medically approved cure for jet lag, but I can tell you it did wonders for me!

I left Dublin, Ireland on the morning of 13 July touched down in Charlotte, picked up my luggage, found the car (because I took a picture of where I parked it), and headed to the hotel.  From there, I freshened up and waited for Pete’s flight to get in and our kids to arrive.  Once everyone was under one roof in Charlotte, we met up with some friends, snagged a taxi and headed to the concert.

This gave us some awesome family bonding time–we had a blast!  It was hard to believe I wasn’t even back 12 hours and I was enjoying the rocking sounds of some great bands.

I love Black Stone Cherry and Skynyrd, but I had never really listened to Bad Company, but having said that they put on a great show.Unfortunately, by the time Bad Company performed the battery on my phone had died so I didn’t a chance to snag pics of them. 🙁

So next time you have an overseas flight find a concert that can help you fight jet lag too. 🙂


2 Responses to “Rock Concerts: The Cure For Jet Lag

  • Christopher
    9 years ago

    Ive always wondered as much as ive read your blog Amber, what you use, what DE to be more specific?

    Gnome 3, Unity, KDE, XFCE, LDXE, Openbox? Enlightment?

    U fell in love with LDXE… its my choice on this 512 mb ram… 😀


  • Christopher
    9 years ago

    Oops that was suppose to be :

    *** I *** fell in love with LDXE 😀

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