The Ubuntu Chronicles: The Saga of Amber and Ubuntu

Part 31

Easter Eggs – fish, cows, elephants, and snakes Oh My! 🙂

Thanks again to Mackenzie I have learned about Easter Eggs. She had this command at the bottom of one of here posts to #Ubuntu-devel (apt-get moo), I figured she was safe so I ran the command. It gave me an ASCII Cow that says “Have you mooed today”. I thought it was great. pgraner heard me laughing and looked over my shoulder for a change and said, “it’s fun watching you learn all this.”

I googled the command (apt-get moo) and learned that things like that are called Easter Eggs. For those who don’t know the definition go to I learned that Easter Eggs aren’t just in software, you can find them in movies, video games, even TV shows.

I freed fish yesterday, I love having a fish swim across my screen. (Alt+F2 then type “free the fish” without the quotes. I even killed the cows with the fish in an strange asteroid’s type game (Alt+F2 (run), then type: “gegls from outer space” (without the quotes).) There are some other ones too I found but, it was more fun finding them for myself than having someone tell me. I’ll give you a hint. Snake and Elephant. (“The Little Prince” is my favorite book, from when I was a kid, so if you find that one and you know the quote from the book you should enjoy it.:) )

What else am I learning. Right now I am just using my computer. I need to go an see how many updates are for my MAC (G4) as I haven’t picked it up since I started this. It might even need to be dusted off. The poor MAC air is still in my backpack. Eek….I might need to take it out and make sure it is still in awesome working order as well. (I am chuckling as I type this, I never thought I would ever, in a million years go without them. anyway.)

I am learning to be patient with myself in this learning process. I think I want everything yesterday. (Don’t we all do that at times?) Then we settle in to a routine and away we go. I think it’s like when we are children, we learn without knowing we are learning. For instance, we learn to walk and talk about the same time. We toddle and say a few words, then when we are walking without falling over we begin to put sentences together, and get into trouble (those terrible 2’s and troubled 3’s), but we learn the rules and how to become a productive yet an individual member of our families and as we grow, our communities, but we learn all of this without someone telling us, “now you are learning.”

I think that is what is happening with Ubuntu and I. Going from a Stable release (Intrepid) to Jaunty (Alpha) then Jaunty (Beta) I am learning how an operating system “grows up” and I see this and learn about how that happens, I too am learning.

So today, I am learning. Growing a little more each day. So I hope there are those who will go “Easter Egg Hunting” even before Easter Arrives. The site I listed has the definition, and all the places you can find them. I love the movie ones and can’t wait to re-watch a few just to see.:)

Have a great day, more later…. I think every average end user, should be excited, this stuff is great! (yes, I am really that excited…You should have been around me when I got my Mac…I went around forever saying “it just works!” now most people in my family have Mac’s. Now I am saying, “you gotta’ try Ubuntu”.) 🙂


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