You’re Invited to Join the Ubuntu Leadership Team

David Wonderly kicked off the launch of the Ubuntu Leadership Team in a blog post earlier this month.  However, this is not the first that mumbles of leadership resources have been mentioned.  It’s good to see this leadership resource initiative getting “off the ground” and I am excited to be part of this team.  While this is an open team and anyone is welcome to join we did specifically send out an invitation for the various councils and boards to join.

This team or membership on this team is not a requirement nor is it meant to be required training for anyone in the community who is a current, new or contemplating leadership roles and responsibilities.  This team is meant to give leaders the resources to identify skills needed to become better more effective and successful leaders.

In other words this team is meant to inspire not be required.

The goal is to put out weekly leadership tips and techniques, skills, leadership styles and more.  We want to hear your success stories, your suggestions, what you wish someone would have told you before you become a leader, what questions you have about leading an all volunteer group etc.  We don’t make claims to have all the answers but what we do want to do is be able to find the people and the resources to help answer all those questions and concerns.

If you are interested in leadership then please come and join the team and let’s develop the resources you wish you had been given when you decided to take on a leadership role in the Ubuntu Community.  The first document is one I created for a LoCo Leadership handbook.  It’s rough and needs a lot of gaps filled in and updated but at least it’s a start. Eventually David (and whomever) wants to help will add this to LP and BZR so we have some version control over it.

Remember this team is a resource for the whole community and it’s open to everyone so please join in the fun, ask questions, make suggestions and more.

Here’s where we are at so far:

I hesitated to blog about this as I was waiting for the mailing list to be in place, but I’ll just keep updating everyone here and on the wiki page as more resources become available.  However, please go ahead and join the LP team and the IRC channel.  As soon as the mailing list is available we’ll post on various blogs, and social media sites and update the wiki.

Also if there is someone who would like to create an Ubuntu Leadership Logo for us that would rock!  (Please and Thank you!)

Thanks again to those who are already joining and I can’t wait to see more people get involved.


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