Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day!

Today is the first annual Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day and over the last few weeks I’ve written and re-written many copies of this post.  Regardless of how it starts out it always sounds like an acceptance speech of sorts; you know the kind where people end up saying, “and next I’d like to thank…”  sigh.

Mark Shuttleworth and Daniel Holbach each wrote in their posts today something that really helped me re-write (yet again) my post.  Also, earlier today I was also sending someone an email to say, “Thank you” and I realized what it was about this, the Ubuntu community, I appreciated.

Mark said in his post, “In a galaxy of many stars, it’s perhaps impolite to single out one in particular.” and Daniel wrote, “It’s human beings who make Ubuntu!…“Ubuntu” itself, the recognition that “I am what I am because of who we all are“…”

So picking out a few people is hard and in embracing the spirit of Ubuntu I wanted to write about the community as a whole. However, there are a few “stars” out there who I’ll thank as well.

In the email I sent earlier today, I mentioned in 2009, when I first started using Ubuntu, I had almost given up on my using Linux and Free and Open Source Software; however, Ubuntu and its (now my) community changed that.  Had it not been for the lattice of the Ubuntu Community,  which allowed me to pick a point and move around from point to point to both get and give support, that I am involved today.  It was then and is now amazing.


I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Pete Graner, my husband, for handing me a CD and an old computer we had around the house.  (So blame him if my over zealous “you gotta try this” approach gets on your nerves, what can I say, I’m just passionate about the things I like.) – Thanks Pete!!

I had never used IRC, mailing lists, or participated in posting to forums before I started using and blogging about my experiences in Ubuntu. Fabian Rodriguez left a comment on that first blog that said I should join the Ubuntu Women Project. Without that comment I am not sure I would have joined any teams right a way.  However, Elizabeth Krumbach, Emma Jane Hogbin, Laura Czajkowski, Melissa Draper, Leigh Honeywell, Akkana Peck, and Penelope Stowe of Ubuntu Women Project (UW) through discussion, mentoring, and more and all under the flag of UW really encouraged me to find my place in the not only the Ubuntu but the greater FOSS communities.  UW is really a great springboard into the greater community.  Thank you all!

I learned about this wonderful thing we have in the Ubuntu Community – Local (LoCo) Teams.  How cool, local Ubuntu Users meeting online or in person.  I then got involved in the North Carolina Team.  It was there I learned about being part of a LoCo team and more about the Ubuntu community as a whole. We have an amazing group of folks on the Ubuntu LoCo Council and I love the work they are doing with and for the LoCo teams and if you haven’t checked out the LoCo directory yet please do.  Thanks to all of the LoCo teams, LoCo Council and the NC LoCo Team.

John Crawford invited me to help write summaries for UWN and get involved with The Fridge. John thank you!  What an great group of hardworking team members.  I can’t say enough about how thankful I am and how much I appreciate all the people who help with both UWN and The Fridge!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

And that is just the beginning. 🙂

There is no way for me to name all the “stars”, and the collective of those stars are far greater than any one could be alone.  It is through the collective of all these teams and more than I can say, “I am who I am because of who we all.”

Thanks y’all!


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