Live with akgraner Interview with Jono Bacon – and you’re invited!

Ubuntu’s own Jono Bacon has graciously agreed to “hang out” with me on Google+ Hangouts on Air next Thursday, March 1st, 2012 at 2000 UTC.

I’ve always enjoyed the chat style interviews and I’ve wanted to do something like Jono’s weekly Q&A sessions for a while now so “Live with akgraner” seems to be taking shape.  I’m sure the first few will be informative and funny as I work out the quirks of trying something new.

Not only are you invited to view the Google+ Hangouts on air stream, but you’re also invited to submit questions via email that you’d like Jono or I either one to answer.  In order to know where to see the video stream you’ll need to go to my google+ profile on Thursday when the broadcast is about to start, once we are live and streaming there will be an “on air” link you can click to view the stream.  (I’m not sure if it will show up in Jono’s stream or not.  Like I said we’ll be working through the kinks and learning to tweak things as we go.)

On the day of the interview you can also to join the #live-with-akgraner IRC channel on  (This is a fully moderated channel and you won’t be able to chat in there unless it’s a day I’m conducting an interview. – Sorry about that but I can’t hang out in there all the time.)

So send in those questions and join us in the IRC channel as you watch the live streaming of this interview.  The interview will also be available sometime after the interview ends.  (As soon as it finishes rendering I’ll make it public.)

Thanks in advance and hope you’ll enjoy the show.

p.s. Thanks again Jono! I’m looking forward to this interview.


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