Reminder – View Interview with Jono Bacon via Google+ Hangouts on Air at 2000 UTC today.

If you want to watch the interview over Google+  Hangouts on air today at 2000 UTC/1500 EST/ 1200 PST you’ll need to go to my profile on g+ and from there when the hangout starts you’ll see a “join this hangout” button (PLEASE DO NOT CLICK THAT ONE) instead click the Google+ Hangout on Air embedded link this will allow you to view the live stream.  (You’ll only see this while the stream is live so don’t worry if you go to my posts and don’t see it up yet, be patient it will be there soon enough)

To join the discussion go to the #live-with-akgraner IRC channel on and if you have questions or comments please post those in the  there.

Hope you’ll enjoy helping test Google+ Hangouts on Air with us today as we learn more about the man, the myth the legend–Mr. Jono Bacon!


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