"You in Ubuntu" My New Blog on the Ubuntu User Magazine Site

I can’t tell you how thrilled and excited I am to be a Blogger on the new Ubuntu User Magazine site. I am so excited about Ubuntu User magazine, and now with the launch of ubuntu-user.com to be joining the ranks of seasoned writer Marcel Gagné is pretty thrilling; ok AWESOME to me!

Since beginning this journey into Open Source via the Ubuntu Community and Operating System (OS) I am constantly amazed at the points of entry there are for anyone wanting to wade into the waters of the Community and Open Source. The events – be it two people in a coffee shop brainstorming ideas or 1000 people celebrating all things Open Source, and all points in between – there is so much to participate in, be part of, or just set back and support in your own way – there really is something for everyone. (yes I know I say that all the time – because it’s true). 😀

I’m excited to be able to pass along information about all these great people, places and ideas within the Ubuntu Community, via “You in Ubuntu”. WOW!!! If you know of an event that is being planned and it’s not on The Fridge let me know about it. ( akgraner [a t] ubuntu.com) Let’s get the word out and get some more folks helping out and joining in on all the fun in and around the Ubuntu Community.

So if you enjoy my blog here, take a look at my new Blog on the Ubuntu User Magazine site. Thank you so much everyone! This journey is far from over it’s only just beginning. Keep reading and giving me feedback. The Ubuntu Community to me is just awesome. Thanks Linux Pro Magazine, Ubuntu User Magazine and Rikki Kite! I am looking forward to the next steps. So with that take a look at “You in Ubuntu” looking forward to hearing from you all. 😀


2 Responses to “"You in Ubuntu" My New Blog on the Ubuntu User Magazine Site

  • Anonymous
    14 years ago

    Congrats also. Ubuntu User is a quality publication, so well done. Have bookmarked you page as well. Looking forward to issue #3. Thank you for community work, we all benefit. Cheers!

  • NotSupermom
    14 years ago

    Congratulations Amber! You'll be awesome. Let me know if I can help!!


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