Progress on Personal Goals! \0/ Go ME! :-D

A week or so ago I posted a blog an entry about personal goals. I am happy to say I am making progress on those goals.

– Lost 10 pounds since UDS – GO ME!
– Walking 2 plus miles several times a week – GO ME!
x Didn’t make it to Mass – 🙁 (not happy about this one) – needs improvement
– Not ready for a 5k yet, but each step I am getting closer. – GO ME!
– Signed up for a class after the 1st of the year – GO ME!
– Committed to one day/night a month to spend with Pete, just to two us – no computers, no ubuntu, (it’s harder than you think – I can’t be quiet about it (Pete can and does) you’d think it would be the other way around – right?) – DATE NIGHT – GO US!
– Committed to one night a week (usually Friday) Family Fun Night (we used to do this every week but once we moved it got added to the sidelines for some reason) – The kids still enjoy hanging out with us (we think that is cool). We want them to pick what they want to do and who they want to have over. This usually involves music, board games, rock band, or real instruments, junk food, and lots of laughs (usually at the expense of mom :-/). – GO US!

Contacted some areas in the community where I might be able to volunteer a day a week? but to be honest – there are some commitments on my own doorstep I have to take care of 1st.

* Namely taking care of my family and home
* Making sure to Put the Computer down when the kids come in the door from school and concentrating on them. Other stuff can be worked on after they go to bed and quality family time is over.
* Finish projects around the house as we are still in the process of remodeling and getting things in order.

(this above “*” items are things Pete and I work on together, we are a team to support, help each other, motivate, encourage, and challenge each other to make the team better and stronger – 17 years of marriage and it’s still a work in progress!)

Volunteering is a great thing, but balance is so much better. And as I was telling a friend yesterday, contributing (in the case of this conversation to UBUNTU, but works for any volunteer contribution that you are working on) is not a competition, nor it should be. That is the beauty of volunteering, you do what you can when you can and you stay in contact with the others you volunteer with so they know who and when to ask others who are waiting to help out as well to do so. I was telling her this in the context of I will do what I can, but I won’t feel guilty for putting my family first. Some days I have to remind myself of this. Like many moms (or women in general) who have a lot on our plates we often feel guilty because we can’t do it all, when we want to in the way we would like. Some would argue I should not put as much on the plate, nope I just gotta know the right serving size that works for me and which menu items work the best together at during what part of the day. Some days breakfast gets all the attention and Lunch is a shake and dinner is a leftovers.. Depends on the day but in the end it all balances out – in theory it should. :-D!

I am now using both a google calendar a good ole paper calendar! So I write in my Calendar as there are times when my phone doesn’t have coverage and I need to add an appointment, or I don’t have my computer with me. Then I highlight the appointment as I add it to the google calendar. I am not sure I can ever be completely paperless but I’m a little closer – GO ME!

So progress personal progress is coming alone.


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