Ubuntu Women Meeting: A Brief Summary and a Few Thoughts

The Ubuntu Women Project meet on Wednesday Dec 9, 2009. The meeting was full of excitement, energy, tension, and progress as you can read about in the logs . 29 people participated in the meeting and it was AWESOME!!!

The call for self nominations for the Ubuntu Women Project Leadership position is now open. These nominations will go before the Community Council (CC) as the 1st leader of the group will be appointed by the CC. This leader will be in place for 6 months then there will be a 6 month review by the team and it will be decided to extend the term or call for elections from the team at that point. If there are any members who you feel would be great for the leadership position encourage them to complete their wiki and add it to the list, there is some really great talent in the group and the more options the CC has means the more variety group will have. This is so cool. More information about that can be found in the Logs or the Notes.

There is a long list of items that will be done over the next month and into January. The leadership and governance part was decided on and the procedure to put formal leadership in place has started. This is really great news. As the leader will have a council (for lack of a better word) to support them and work with them on getting projects and action items completed.

The Channel discussions (on if a second channel is needed, which channel will be logged and the policies, procedures, and documentation) and Vote were postponed as the team members felt more time was needed to research options and come up with procedures. Between now and January the Project members will be documenting and suggesting what these procedures will be. Again this is really great news as the team comes together to make the decisions and suggestions and write the documentation that surrounds the channel(s) guidelines. Should lead to some really good conversations and discussions.

I think the thing that excites me the most about the Project is seeing how the people, women especially, of different backgrounds, experiences, technical skill sets and opinions can come together, acknowledging and accepting those differences while still keeping the team moving forward. I am so glad no-one thinks anyone needs to be a “cookie cutter” mold of anyone else. It’s just great. We have a really great team and more women are joining all the time not that it is limited to women, but we are all about encouraging women. It is a wonderful project to be part of and an exciting time in the Ubuntu Community as we as a project have grown to the point were formal leadership and governance is needed.

I am really optimistic about what is going to happen in 2010 and am looking forward to seeing where the Project goes from here. Onward and Upward!!


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