AHHHHHHH….where did October go…it’s November Now..

View from Grandfather Mountain (November 4, 2008)

OK so it is November now and where has the time gone…I was looking for it and thinking of all the things that I could have accomplished verses all the things actually accomplished during the month..the could have wins..maybe November will be a better month.

It’s looking good so far…let’s see:
1 – I voted! Everyone should exercise their right to vote, regardless if it is a National Election of a Local on Vote People!

2- My family and I adopted a couple military Units. Why? Because when I was in the 1st gulf war family, friends, and total strangers took the time to send me letters and Care packages, to the tune of over 700 letters and cards in a 9 month period, and I still have most of them. I will take a picture of the 3 inch binders they are all in. Talk about counting Blessings. Even though I myself can’t send over 700 I can do my part. I hope you are doing yours, I am sure you know someone who has a family member or friend who is deployed or their child is deployed. Oh and why I am on the subject, even of you don’t agree with the policy, support the soldier, they are away from home and need touches of home. Talk to people, find out who they know and what you can do for them. After all the holiday season is approaching and before you by that next santa and his reindeer remember this “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” – John 15:13. Send a letter, Send a Card, send anything that lets the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines or Airmen know they have not been forgotten.

3 – I started making all my Christmas gifts. EVERYONE has a talent given to them by God. Use that talent. Who says you have to buy the gift pre-packaged out of the store thing, something from the heart made by you means more to the recipient. What would happen if we all took the time to think of the people we love and make then something instead of buying into the commercialism that has become Christmas, Christ gave of himself, find your talents and give of yourself. Maybe you bake, paint, sew, maybe you can babysit for the neighbor who needs a hand, maybe their is someone who is hurt and can’t clean their house, offer your services. All these are gifts from the heart. Maybe you sing, make them a tape or CD of your favorite uplifting songs, The list goes on.

4- Thanksgiving is coming – I have written my note to my friends in Service, now I am starting my Thanksgiving letters to family and friends at home and around the world. I must say, I have blessings in family and friends, and just knowing them makes my life brighter.

SO during November, I want to accomplish more than I did in October…I want to look back over this month and Know I did everything I could to Share my Blessings and Thank God!

I hope you all are doing well – and know a newsletter is on the way…I hope you are all smiling, But I guess it can be used as kindling too….

God Bless!
Just me, Amber

ps I did manage to take the Kids to Grandfather Mountain in NC…it was beautiful WOW! What a wonderful paintbrush the good Lord has…Having see the Beauty of the Alps, nothinh compares to the Haze of the Blue Ridge and the Smokies….I am still in Awe everytime I stand on those mountains and survey all the wonder that is in my own back yard….See counting blessing…Check out our Carolina Blue Skies…..


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